Unikie adressing growing LiDAR market with its tailorable SW Solutions


LiDAR technology is enabling real-time 3D modelling and real- time detection of various objects. This enables huge variety of different kinds of applications in various industries like automotive, mining, contstruction, marine, military etc. So far this technology has been very expensive and only accessible by special industries like military industry.  Due to growing need LiDAR manufacturers are building scanners for lower price points. This will enable much more applications and use cases for this technology. Unikie is addressing this growing market with its SW solutions.

Unikie develops software for processing point cloud data from LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) systems. The LiDAR instrument fires rapid pulses of laser light at a surface, some at up to 150,000 pulses per second. The pulsed laser beam is reflected from objects such as buildings, lamp posts, vegetation, cars and even from people or animals. Advanced LiDAR systems produce very accurate, high resolution 3D data in a set of “dots” suspended in a three-dimensional space. These dots can be converted into a 3D mesh or displayed with a special software designed for point cloud data processing.

Unikie focuses especially on point cloud data analysis for automated object recognition. Fast and reliable object recognition and tracking of the objects is needed e.g. in collision avoidance systems in driver assistance systems and in autonomous cars. For safety reasons, it is crucial to be able to classify and separate various objects and targets that are very close together and have similar shape and size. With Unikie SW solutions around LiDAR technology customers can take LiDAR technology into use quickly and without own investments into SW & algorithm design. Unikie is able to customize its SW to meet the requirements of various industries.