Software Engineer in Abu Dhabi

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Software Engineer in Abu Dhabi

While a lot is being done to discover security vulnerabilities in software via several bug bounty programs, the state of software security is not getting improve at the same pace. One possible reason could be that the momentum is not that high in automated tools and techniques for various security related tasks. It is mostly done manually by experts. In this role, you will be tasked with developing automated techniques that address security challenges spanning from automated detection of vulnerabilities to automated bug patching, given a binary executable.

Another dimension to consider is to leverage recent advancements in hardware assisted security features (e.g. Intel CET, ARM memory tagging) to make software analyses scale well with reasonable overhead. As a researcher, you will establish your project in the related theme and work with existing researchers and engineers with a possible collaboration with top universities across the globe. We do expect (and encourage) high quality publications as milestones of your project/work in top security venues, Usenix Sec, NDSS, IEEE S&P, CCS, ACSAC,RAID etc.

The successful candidate will work in collaboration with, and receive mentorship from, leading researchers, advisors, and engineers to advance state-of-the-art tools. Within a development team of software engineers and scientists, the incumbent will design and implement solutions with a focus on Agile software development. Accordingly, we are seeking engineers with expertise in computer security who are passionate about developing the next generation of autonomous systems.

Please note, that we offer for all roles in Abu Dhabi:


  • Medical insurance (including family)
  • Relocation (travel expenses including family)
  • Visa processing
  • Bonus program
  • All salaries earned in UAE are free from income tax (0%)


The software professional we are looking for should be comfortable with at least some of the following:

• 4+ years of professional experience in computer security
• Ability to conduct reverse engineering on binaries and firmware
• Proficiency in programming (e.g., Assembly, C/C++, Python 3, Go, or Rust)
• Experience using hypervisors and virtualization
• Strong understanding of disassemblers/decompilers (e.g., IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, Radare2, Capstone, Miasm, or Ghidra)
• Technical knowledge of dynamic binary instrumentation (e.g., Pin, DynamoRIO, or Dyninst)
• Familiarity with binary analysis platforms (e.g., BAP, Angr, S2E, Qiling, or Triton)
• In-depth understanding of scriptable debuggers (e.g., GNU Debugger, WinDbg, or Valgrind)
• Hands-on experience using sanitizers (e.g., ASAN, UBSAN, and MSAN)
• Ability to effectively work with containerization and orchestration (e.g., Docker and Kubernetes)
• Knowledge of guided fuzzing research, dynamic binary translation, and triaging vulnerability
• Understanding of multi-threaded programming
• Experience with software development processes and lifecycles
• Knowledge and/or development of kernel modules
• In-depth knowledge of executable binary programs (e.g., PE, COFF, and ELF formats)
• Knowledge of standard software protections and techniques (e.g., DEP, ASLR, and CFI)
• Familiarity with modern exploitation techniques, tools, and methodologies
• Understanding of symbolic logic and proving theorems for automating network configuration
• Firmware development and debugging skills
• Well-developed planning and organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize, multi-task, and set and meet deadliness
• Demonstrated analytical and manuscript preparation skills, including a track record of authoring peer-reviewed research publications
• Ability to solve complex problems by using discretion, innovative thinking, and diagnostic skills and/or expertise
• Artificial intelligence (e.g., reasoning, probabilistic inference, and machine learning)
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, that can be applied in both technical and non-technical multi-functional teams
• Self-motivated and strong work ethic Education and Certification Requirements
• Experience using collaboration tools (e.g., Atlassian, Github, Gitlab)
• Ph.D. or Master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related STEM discipline



At Unikie, you will get to:

  •  Build new solutions for our customers and work with cutting edge technologies?
  • Collaborate along with colleagues who are the top in their field and together with our customers to strive for understanding what they need?
  • Develop and challenge yourself and learn more from experienced software talents?
  • Work with modern technologies and be involved to solve complex difficult challenges our customers might be facing?
  • Have an excellent compensation for your work.
  • Work in a global environment that develops modern, secure solutions for pioneers in their field
  • Work in a flexible low-hierarchy organization that looks after its own
  • In addition to our customer deliveries, we focus on our own R&D, where you can bring your own expertise to if you want to

How to Apply

If this sparked your interest, please send your application to

Our recruitment team is happy to share you more information about Unikie and our open positions, so please drop us a line if you wish to discuss with us before sending your CV or have any questions in mind!


Helsinki (Finland)
Kokkola (Finland)
Kuopio (Finland)
Oulu (Finland)
Tallinn (Estonia)
Tampere (Finland)
Tartu (Estonia)

Other locations are also negotiable.


Python, C, C++, Linux, ARM, Rust, Golang, Hypervisor, Virtualization, Security, Embedded Linux, Kernel, Firmware development, Dynamic binary instrumentation

About Unikie

Unikie, founded Unikie in 2015, is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Finland. We are Finnish forerunner in intelligent, real-time decision-making applications for vehicles, cars and industry. We develop technology that connects sensor data with steering and decision-making based on constant awareness over secure connections. Additionally, we offer consultation for developing customer-specific solutions.

Our annual revenue in 2021 was MEUR 44. Our numbers are growing 500+ software professionals and enthusiasts with a deep internal flame for developing the best technology solutions together with our customers.


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