Container Tracking for logistics yards and terminals

Unikie has been working with Cargotec to build a container management solution for locating containers in realtime, bringing situational awareness to logistics and terminal operations.

Automating and managing the flow of containers

Manual management of container flows can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Unikie’s software professionals have been supporting Cargotec in developing the Kalmar Tracker solution for more efficient and safe container management in logistics yards and terminals.

Kalmar Tracker is an automated solution for reachstackers designed to enable safer and more efficient container handling and to reduce the risk of ever losing a container again. Unikie’s expertise in bringing continuous situational awareness to machines, vehicles and infrastructure play a key role in creating safer and more productive environments. The solution gives more control over the container handling processes in logistics yards in three different ways:

  • scanning and recording container IDs
  • measuring loads’ weight
  • locating each individual container at any given time.

See how it works

The partnership with Cargotec focused especially on the Container Locator option of the Kalmar Tracker solution. The purpose of the option is to locate the container while it is being moved or stored; not only which stack it is in, but also where it is situated in that stack. A radar-based system enables container locations and stack positions to be tracked in realtime.

Thanks to the solution, container losses and the time required to locate containers can be reduced, resulting in operational efficiencies and cost savings associated with container losses.

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