Industrial digitalization through hybrid collaboration (+VIDEO)

Juha Ala-Laurila, Olli Mylläri and Olli Lehtinen at Glaston Showroom in Tampere
Glaston and Unikie work together to accelerate Glaston’s software-based product development. The partnership enables Glaston to stay at the forefront of innovation and maintain its position as a market leader in the glass processing industry.

Partnership in industrial digitalization

As a leading provider of glass processing technologies and services, Glaston responds globally to the diverse requirements of the architectural, mobility, display, and solar energy industries. Their commitment extends beyond machinery and services to encompass cutting edge solutions like smart glass.

Unikie has been working with Glaston as a digitalization partner since 2022. Our collaboration in industrial digitalization is driven by Glaston’s strategy where key themes are sustainability, efficiency, and digitalization. With a rising demand for energy efficient and eco-friendly glass products, digitalization allows Glaston to optimize processes and meet evolving market expectations.

The partnership with Unikie accelerates Glaston’s software-based product development. Unikie’s team has helped Glaston to develop process management and machine control for a new automation platform for future product offerings.

Working with a global team

As hybrid working has become a new norm in many industries, nearshoring is a good way of working also for Glaston. Unikie’s teams in Finland and Poland work seamlessly together with Glaston’s cross-functional development teams. In an environment where local recruitment faces challenges, the collaboration has provided a strategic solution, ensuring the continuous advancement of Glaston’s offerings.

The partnership with Unikie enables Glaston to stay at the forefront of innovation and maintain the position as a market leader in this industry. Overall, the collaboration has showcased the benefits of a global team, with skilled developers contributing seamlessly to Glaston’s development efforts.

To learn more about these topics, we interviewed Olli Mylläri (Director, Automation & Software) and Olli Lehtinen (Senior Development Manager, Automation & Software) about Glaston’s digitalization journey. The interview was filmed in November 2023 at Glaston’s main R&D site in Tampere, Finland.

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