Improving road safety (+VIDEO)

Unikie works with Sfara as a Preferred Partner to create exciting technology for everyday safety. The companies share the focus in automotive technology development and, together, we have been able to develop a collision management solution for various customers.

Shared vision for mobile safety

Sfara provides safety and collision management solutions for enterprises. The partnership with Unikie started in 2019 with the goal to scale up the development of their mobile SDK.

Sfara and Unikie share the focus in automotive technology development. Together, we have been able to develop a collision management solution for various customers, including a large German car manufacturer. Utilizing Unikie’s autonomous vehicle development, Sfara has been able to test and compare data from Unikie’s test vehicle with their own software detections.

Sfara appreciates Unikie’s flexibility, responsiveness and overall competencies. Unikie’s experience in the automotive and the telecom sector, including embedded and mobile technology development, supports Sfara in developing cutting-edge solutions for safer mobility and life. In the future, Unikie and Sfara will continue to work together and find new ways of utilizing data to build intelligence and growth.

Watch the interview

We interviewed Ari Valtanen (CTO, Sfara) about Sfara and our cooperation. The interview was filmed in June 2023 at Unikie’s headquaters in Tampere, Finland.

Sfara is reinventing the way the world stays safe and responds to incidents. Sfara’s patented AI technology and global platform transforms the smartphone into a secure mobile safety and analytics solution, available as a GDPR-compliant SaaS offering to partners in insurance and the mobility space, including automakers and mobile network operators.

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