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BLE-based Real-Time Positioning solutions

Unikie has partnered with onsemi to provide Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) positioning solutions that enable more accurate and cost-efficient asset tracking for various types of spaces, such as warehouses, stores and similar settings.

Realtime awareness with Bluetooth

The requirements of the asset tracking market are rapidly evolving and difficult to navigate. In order to handle such a broad scope of requirements, it takes high-level expertise, a variety of solutions, and a reliable, robust ecosystem bringing together the required technologies at the right time.

BLE-based RTLS (Real-time locating systems) solutions are scalable to large volumes of tracked objects with high precision and lower tag cost compared to other positioning technologies. Unlike QR codes or RFID tags, Bluetooth tags don’t need to be actively scanned to be read. The continuous reading of Bluetooth signals allows a real-time awareness of the items, while other technologies usually just give a snapshot of the present.

onsemi, Unikie and CoreHW offer the complete solution

The joint efforts of onsemi, CoreHW and Unikie have resulted in an end-to-end solution with components that have been optimized to work together.

The solution leverages the BLE 5.2 compliant features in onsemi’s RSL15 chipset and combines them with Unikie’s localization software for calculating end-to-end position. This solution enables tags to be used for tracking objects or persons in defined closed spaces like warehouses, stores or other buildings. It can be used to achieve <1m accuracy and is scalable to large volumes of tracked objects while also reducing the amount of development effort and time-to-market.

Local, edge or cloud-hosted localization engine for Bluetooth localization
  • High-performance BLE localization algorithms
  • Modular software components for local, edge or cloud deployment
  • Position Data APIs for integration to enterprise systems or data analyzers
Ultra-low power wireless-enabled MCU
  • Industry’s lowest power – ideal for the edge
  • Highest embedded security features available
  • Long Range and Localization support
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Antenna arrays for AoA and AoD Direction Finding
  • Optimized phase balance between antenna chains
  • Excellent angle accuracy
  • No calibration during production

New insight for business with Unikie real-time position data

Unikie’s BLE positioning software converts BLE IQ signals into accurate (x,y,z) positions in real-time. The Unikie SW offers easy-to-use APIs to external systems for importing data and for building data models, which may be used for gaining insights to material or people flows, retaining utilization data and identifying customer behavioral patterns. The position data allows identifying relevant KPIs for business, for example related to store hotspots, customer service duration or warehouse inventory.

Customized BLE software development services

Unikie offers BLE related software development and customization for companies looking to use precise and low energy BLE technology in their RTLS systems or want to add BLE based localization to their smart sensors or smart space devices. Our services include custom BLE tag and scanner/beacon firmware development services and integration of positioning data into existing RTLS systems and enterprise systems.

onsemi is driving disruptive innovations to help build a better future. With a focus on automotive and industrial end-markets, the company is accelerating change in megatrends such as vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. onsemi offers a highly differentiated and innovative product portfolio, delivering intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve the world’s most complex challenges and leads the way to create a safer, cleaner, and smarter world.

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