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Highlights of the year 2021

Unikie is a Tier 1 technology partner in the automotive industry

In 2021, pioneering in the remote control of vehicles and autonomous mobility secured Unikie a position among the leading technology suppliers. Unikie is now a global Tier 1 software supplier for major automotive manufacturers.

As the member of VDA and the AUTOSAR community, we are heavily involved in the development of the code and criteria to be created around the ISO standard related to remote control and autonomous mobility, as well as in the development of the safety of the related environments. The technology we have developed is at the cutting edge of its field internationally.

Automated Valet Parking: Pioneering in automated experiences

Months of teamwork culminated in the launch of Automated Valet Parking at the IAA Mobility 2021 in September. Unikie’s automated parking solution was a part of the joint project of the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA. The solution turns mobility into an experience, in which parking, washing, and charging of the car have been automated and done without the driver.

The joint project was implemented in collaboration with leading car manufacturers - BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and VW Group’s technology company Cariad.

Unikie’s impressive show delighted viewers in Munich

For Unikie, the show at the IAA Mobility 2021 was a success. Unikie stood out from the other technology supplies not only because of its impressive show, but especially because of its much praised technological expertise.

It is worth noting that Unikie’s solution was the only one that enabled several cars of different makes to be manoeuvred simultaneously. Moreover, the undisputed benefit of lidar is that, unlike cameras, the solution also works in the dark. This enabled us to turn Unikie’s Automated Valet Parking show into a real spectacle.

Unikie and Valmet Automotive develop new logistics solutions

Unikie and Valmet Automotive have been developing an innovative logistics solution at the car plant site in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Testing and validating the Automated Factory Parking technology, developed by Unikie, at a business-critical factory environment is an important step in taking the new technology to the production stage.

In Uusikaupunki, Unikie and Valmet Automotive have ran a test series for driving a vehicle from the plant to a logistics field for shipping aided by the infrastructure only.


Unikie offers technology and related consultation for Automotive Software Development. Our spearhead technologies focus around development of Smart Space solutions such as Automated (Factory/Valet/Depot) Parking, Digital Cockpit solutions and Mobility Services.

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