AI in future tech: Autonomous vehicles – a challenge and an opportunity

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Automotive industry is in the middle of unforeseen disruption, shaking the fundamentals of the whole industry. Electromotive, autonomous operations, driver assistance, digitization, IoT, AI, data analytics. Just to mention few. This is an enormous technical challenge, but also a huge business opportunity. And what happens in automotive, happens also in heavy duty and industrial machines.

The breakthrough can be compared to the change brought about by the Internet in society. While cars of the 1970′ s and 1980′ s lacked a single piece of information technology or code, today’s cars have 200 million codes and hundreds of sensors, not to mention the amount of data in a vehicle with autopilot and artificial intelligence to replace the driver.

Unikie’s Petri Kalske is speaking about this disruption today at the international Smart City Mindrek Conference in Tampere. In his presentation, he highlights the biggest challenges on the road to robotic vehicles and introduces the role of data and connectivity in this exciting future world.

Smart City Mindrek Conference, Tampere, Plevna, at 13.50-14.20
Autonomous vehicles – a challenge and an opportunity
Petri Kalske, Head of Operations, Unikie


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