– Sensible integrations and analytics logo  is a sensible integration analytics and monitoring tool which takes control of your digital processes. is designed for Business Operations, Leading & Management, and IT & Digital Process Development in organizations of all sizes.

Even a minor glitch in a digital process may damage customer or user experience significantly. Integration faults or digital process problems can be spotted and solved faster with — even before the customers notice anything. is the solution to help your organization to be more efficient and faster in finding and fixing emerging problems. Spend your resources and the time of your technical experts for developing new instead of sustaining faulty processes.

Knowledge-driven Leading of digital processes.

Get valuable information for continuous monitoring and insight for leading and managing digital processes so that you don’t have to make blind decisions.

  • Understanding on the systems entities will deepen and sharpen, when the interdepencies and systems as a whole can be understood.
  • Understanding on the systems and their transactions remain up-to-date, since analyzes transactions in real time.
  • It is now possible to follow up the changes in enterprise systems, because retains snapshots of development history changes.
  • Finding out the most important development areas becomes easier, when it is possible to find the biggest problem areas, the most critical systems and their interdependencies.

Agile & Lean development. helps to understand the system entirety when developing even smaller technical details.

  • The quality of technical solutions will improve, because when planning changes and new features it is possible to understand both entities and details on previously implemented solutions.
  • The conversations between different parties and stakeholders becomes easier, when everyone in an organization has on common understanding on the enterprise system.
  • Documenting and maintaining the documents takes less time, since it is possible to get a lot of up-to-date information on the structure of the system entitiy automatically.
  • Development of system integrations becomes more agile, because it is possible to take advantage of the features of in every development stage.