Application Development

Our framework for voice and Messaging development.

Over the years Unikie has tested and deployed RCS, MMS, SMSoIP, VoIP, VoLTE and VoWiFi solutions in dozens of carrier networks and conducted technical interoperability programs with all major vendors. Our application development platform, the Unikie Communications SDK, can be leveraged to create applications very effectively, safely and fast. Whether you are looking for private network, VoIP / VoLTE / VoWifi or Business Messaging applications to enhance your business, we have you covered.

Unikie Communications SDK enables rapid application development with full GSMA accredited RCS support.

Software Development Kit - RCS expertise in one package.

The Unikie communication SDK is essentially a full blown standards-compliant RCS client without a user interface. It allows application developers and device manufacturers to support carrier voice and messaging features in their solutions.

The RCS Engine has been used in RCS clients for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows by any kind of app from embedded software processes to full-blown desktop apps.

The SDK contains ready-name example clients with full source-code to illustrate how to use the SDK and to get you testing immediately in a carrier network.

Full documentation in the form of API docs, quick-start guides, development guides and engine feature overviews is available to help you understand how to most efficiently utilize the powerful engine for the needs of your application.