Our competence covers all layers of OSI.

Our support and competence for all Open Systems Interconnection layers is the result of working in spearhead projects for Secure Connectivity. We offer software development, quality assurance and integration utilizing all layers of the OSI model:

  • Physical layer
  • Data Link layer
  • Network layer
  • Transport layer
  • Session layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Application layer

Secure Connectivity on all OSI-layers is essential for developing systems and applications with top-level security and integrity.


For Unikie, 5G O-RAN is one of the major technology focus areas. Our 5G industry experience covers development, integration and testing of 5G networks. To meet the demands of customers, we have developed processes to rapidly ramp up new teams and specific technical knowledge. We offer our experts for:

  • Developing 5G radio layer support for SoC (System-on-chip) based solutions
  • Virtualization of base stations
  • Designing 5G O-RAN based network solutions and interfaces
  • Deploying 5G eCPRI splitting solutions


Our skillset covers L1/L2/L3 level 5G network development with emphasis on low level L1 SW development. We have numerous projects under our belt for example in 4G network virtualization, 5G network base station, 5G device SW optimization, 5G massive MIMO, 5G Layer 1 real-time control and eCPRI processing, RU control software integration and release as well as 5G O-RAN M-Plane SW development etc.