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Looking for an RCS Solution?

Look no further. Unikie RCS has everything you need in an RCS solution. It’s a GSMA accredited app with all the features carriers and businesses need to utilize available Rich Communication Suite features. But why do you need an app for RCS?

  • It fills the gaps in native RCS support
  • It can be deployed and updated much faster than native solutions
  • Unlike native messaging apps, the RBM app can focus more on A2P (Application-To-Person) rather than P2P (Person-To-Person)
  • It allows the operator to customize how the bot directory is utilized
    • Promote your own bots and services via the app
    • Allow brands to promote their bots via the app



  • Cover gaps in Android handset RCS support
  • Enable RCS A2P for iPhones
  • Fast time-to-market (same SW for all devices)
  • Enhance and customize the RCS A2P experience
  • Control the bot directory contact and presentation
  • Enable brands and bots to promote themselves

The Unikie RCS is natively embedded to the mobile operating system UI and also offers an intuitive standalone and customizable app UI.

The most common delivery method for the clients are the Application Stores, but the Unikie RCS client can also be preloaded on OEM devices.

Unikie RCS is ready for deployment after setup, tailoring and branding – and the best thing is, we’ll have it up and running in just 2 weeks!



Optimized for high performance

Enhanced Address Book

The Unikie RCS application enhances the native phonebook by adding quick access to RCS features for all RCS capable native contacts.

Optimized for high performance

Network Address Book

Unikie RCS clients support use of a Network Address Book server (S-CAB based or HTTP based) to import and export contacts and synchronize contacts between the different devices of the user.


Capability discovery

For all RCS features, Unikie RCS clients adopt the RCS based capability discovery mechanism to identify which contacts are RCS capable and what feature can be used for each contact.

GSMA Accreditations

1-to-1 chat

Unikie RCS clients offers advanced SIP SIMPLE and CPM based Instant messaging features.


Group chat

The group chat features of the Unikie RCS clients covers the same features as 1-to-1 chat.

Includes demo applications

Standalone messaging

Standalone messaging is useful for backward compatibility with SMS/MMS messages. Unikie RCS clients support Standalone Messaging for 1-to-1 chat and group chat, both with SIMPLE-IM and CPM protocols. 


Audio messaging

Audio messaging is a form of messaging where users can send each other voice messages by just holding and releasing a recording button in the Messaging UI.


File share

Unikie RCS clients support MSRP and HTTP based sharing of any type of file (pictures, videos, camera images, music, movies, documents, etc) during 1-to-1 or group chat conversations or during calls (image share). 

Optimized for high performance

Contact share

The Contact share feature allows users to share contact details to other users with standardized VCard formats, according the RCS specification. 


Location share

The Unikie RCS client also offers a built-in navigation feature for any received location share. Whenever a user receives a location share, it’s possible to show the route from the user current location to the received location. 


Video share

During 1-to-1 calls, Unikie RCS clients offer the user the possibility to activate the phone camera and share a live feed to the callee. The video share can also be bi-directional when activated on both sides. 


Image share

During calls, Unikie RCS clients also offer a possibility to activate the camera and send a snapshot, or to select an image and share that with the recipient. The Image share features are supported according to RCS UP specifications.



Unikie RCS clients offer a comprehensive RCS based presence feature add-on on top of the RCS feature set. The presence feature additionally enhances the contact list with presence information.

Optimized for high performance

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Building on its SIP based architecture the Unikie RCS clients offers extensive VoIP and Video calling features according to IR.92, IR.94 and IR.51. VoIP calls can be launched from a chat conversation or from a contact card, or can be integrated to the native dialer.


Video over IP

Unikie RCS clients also support Video over IP sessions according to RCS specifications. Live video can also be added and removed to ongoing IP call sessions.


Multi-device support

Unikie RCS apps support full multi-device functionality, when the same user has multiple devices registered to the same MSISDN.


Unikie RCS

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