Workflow Situation Room

A person sitting in a monitoring room and supervising production with computers and cameras

Maintaining a production environment with various actors can be troublesome, especially in the industrial sector where systems and procedures have been developed in many different times and on many different systems, platforms and software. Some parts of the production may be entirely digital while others are entirely manual and require employees to execute them. The biggest challenge in these cases is how information is related between the different operators/actors in the industrial process and how the flow of information is secured and monitored. Do you know how efficiently the communication works in your processes and if some information hasn’t been received, where the problem is?

Get everyone on the same page.

For situations and environments like this, we have created a platform we call a “workflow situation room”. Our environment integrates all operators/actors, systems and information on one platform, so everyone has a clear and concise picture of how the process is going and they can be alerted when they are needed in the process. All information flow is monitored by our own solution, which not only tracks the flow of information but knows when some information is missing and alerts the process owner. The platform can easily be accessed with a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop, so there are no blind spots in the process.


Our first implementation of the workflow situation room platform is POLO – Port Flow Optimization. POLO brings together all the actors in port logistics and workflow. However, the platform isn’t limited to ports, but can be utilized in various workflows regardless of the industry or operation. Any process that involves multiple operators that rely on timely information to succeed in doing their part, can benefit highly from using our platform. The platform can be tailored to your specific use case. Organizing and managing all actions in your industrial process has never been easier.


Workflow Situation Room