Automotive industry disruption creates opportunities

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A recipient of several corporate awards, Unikie is a software development company established in Tampere in 2015 that now employs over 280 top engineering talents. The fast-growing startup’s turnover has at least doubled annually and is approaching EUR 30 million.

Unikie’s AI Vision technology platform and application enables reliable control of self-driving vehicles and equipment. The machine learning application creates a 3D model of the environment by gathering information from different sensor sources such as a conventional radar and LiDAR laser radar, camera and inertial measurement device.

AI Vision is also suitable for controlling forestry and mining machinery, forklift trucks, ships and aircraft as well as monitoring traffic routes. The added value for intelligent machine manufacturers lies in AI Vision’s ability to identify people in the area used by machines without causing emergency stops.

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) is also one of the Unikie services. Driver monitoring and other tracking sensor data fusions are developing fast.

Unikie has subsidiaries in Germany and the United States as well as technology and licensing business around the world, particularly to operator customers. As new growth opportunities materialize, the company’s internationalization goals have been raised to a new level.


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