Case Solita – conquering markets together

Solita is a Finnish technology, strategy and design company, which combines human understanding and intelligent technology solutions for an improved life. Solita creates new ways of working, services and technology solutions, renewing companies and our society.

We have joined forces with Solita for, among others, international launches in the automotive and mobile industries. Solita’s role has been focusing on data and analytical solutions, whereas Unikie has contributed with its own strong expertise in embedded systems. This way we have complemented each other for increased success in the international competition.

Finnish know-how is highly valued, but we naturally need to jointly win each customer over.
– Rauno Vänni, Unikie.

In addition to working with the automotive industry, we have created a new kind of ecosystem to meet the needs of secure mobile use. We are talking about a complete system platform, including both terminal and backend systems. In a closed ecosystem, customers can safely utilize mobile devices for critical connectivity. The system can equally serve large corporations or public administration.

The expertise from large system projects and the experience from data, cloud and analytical platforms combined with Unikie’s Embedded systems expertise provide an excellent foundation for building highly demanding applications.

– Jyrki Nurminen, Solita

As domestic software companies work together, each partner contributes with their own special know-how, making it easier to build extensive projects also outside Finland’s borders. We possess plenty of experience and know-how which is still in heavy demand across the globe.

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