Award-winning competence in the sector

Together with Unikie, Valmet has designed and implemented the Valmet DNA Integrated Operations application. Valmet is the world’s leading supplier and developer of technology, automation and services for pulp, paper and energy industries.

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Valmet supplies automation technology and software to the LNG (liquified natural gas) field, covering local-level process control, functions and business management within LNG infrastructure. Together with Unikie, the company has designed and implemented the Valmet DNA Integrated Operations application, which helps make the entire logistics chain more efficient. It enables utilising topical data in global environments and facilitates the reporting and measurement actions, production planning and container logistic management of the operators.

The application also improves safety, as it can be used to share information to authorities and ports. The centralized data management saves time and effort in many ways.

Awarded as the leading global service provider of the LNG field

Valmet’ service received recognition from the industry when the company was awarded as the leading global service provider. The award was granted at the LNG Summit 2018 conference in Amsterdam in October 2018.

“Valmet started to offer its automation and software solutions to the LNG field only a year ago. We have developed our Valmet DNA Integrated Operations automation solution especially for smaller-scale operations, because their management is particularly challenging,” says Valmet’s Process Automation Director Jani Hautaluoma.

“Valmet’s application enables managing automation and software solutions throughout the entire delivery chain, and the company is able to provide these solutions more comprehensively than the traditional system suppliers,” says Rauno Vänni from Unikie.

“Our cooperation with Valmet produces solutions with recognised value in the field. Unikie’s software competence adds a new kind of thinking to the process, and, together with our customers, we achieve measurable results,” Vänni continues.