Cloud and app-based RCS with Interop Technologies

Unikie has partnered with Interop Technologies since 2017 to provide end-to-end communication solutions for carriers, especially for Voice over Data, IP messaging and RCS services.
Interop Technologies

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Interop Technologies is dedicated to assisting mobile network operators with a better way to deploy and manage next-generation technologies and services. As a provider of advanced communication networks and cloud-based managed services, Interop delivers mobile solutions that reduce cost, complexity and risk for operators and communication service providers across the globe.  By incorporating Unikie’s client solutions Interop is able to provide end-to-end communication solutions for carriers, especially for Voice over Data , IP messaging and RCS services.

benefits that Interop and Unikie solutions provide

For the carrier, launching a new communication service with cloud-based network elements and app based client software is a lot leaner than the traditional on-premise installations and handset OEM certifications. Let’s go over some of the benefits that Interop and Unikie solutions provide:

  • End-to-end service control
    • With full control of both the client and network SW the service provider can provide a consistent service for all users and has a good set of tools to implement changes and evolve the service based on user feedback
  • Built-in interoperability
    • By leveraging an already proven and tested end-to-end solution all the elements are already interworking.  Instead of certifying handsets one model and one OEM at a time and testing interoperability between different vendor implementations, there is just one version of the mobile app that is deployed to all users regardless of phone model
  • Online deployment
    • The network elements are deployed to virtualized data centers and the apps are deployed via application stores. The roll-out is literally instant, or it can be managed to roll out gradually while being monitored in real-time 
  • Seamless expansions
    • With a hosted managed solution, the service grows itself automatically. The hosted system will deploy needed additional virtual resources on demand and the apps are deployable to any new market with the click of a button
  • Frequent and coordinated updates
    • With the online deployment methods, end-to-end updates can be coordinated on client and network elements and rolled-out quickly

Founded in 2002, Interop Technologies focuses on developing Telco-grade, standardized solutions with the highest level of deployment flexibility and lifecycle management. Interop Technologies’ global portfolio includes Legacy, IMS and IP solutions, as well as its industry-leading, GSMA-accredited, end-to-end RCS solution with global connectivity and legacy integration to prepare operators for their 5G transformation.  

Interop Technologies is headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, and has EMEA regional headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The company owns and operates network operation centers in North America and Europe. Learn more at