Demanding software development for public transport operators

Unikie has been a reliable supplier for Fara’s projects since 2018. Unikie’s software developers have been involved with FARA in creating future solutions for the needs of public transport.

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FARA is a Nordic technology company that supplies IT systems for public transport. FARA’s products include ticket and passenger information, infotainment and real-time information management systems. FARA’s systems have been installed in more than 14,000 vehicles, more than 19,000 drivers use the FARA application every day, and more than 306 million tickets have been purchased daily through FARA’s fare-collection systems. Good modular platform and architecture have made it possible to implement systems tailored to standard products. For many years, Unikie’s software developers have been involved with FARA in creating future solutions for the needs of public transport.

Unikie has been a reliable supplier for Fara’s projects since 2018. However, the roots of the cooperation go much further, as the vendor relationship through Neusoft began as early as 2012 and has continued uninterrupted since the acquisition. With Unikie’s professionals, FARA has quickly acquired the necessary software development expertise, so that deliveries have remained on schedule while maintaining the required quality level.

Unikie’s professionals complement FARA’s Oulu unit’s 13-person development team in various customer projects. There is a particular need for C++ and Qt experts in FARA’s product development and customer projects.


FARA’s recent development projects are strongly related to ITxPT standardization, which is a new standard for public transport information technology. Unikie has played a big role in FARA in the development of the ITxPT software platform. Customer deliveries have already been made and more are coming.

FARA is one of the first vendors in Europe to deliver the comprehensive solutions based on the new ITxPT platform. In FARA’s SMART products, the ITxPT platform is integrated into bus systems. Unikie’s experienced C ++ and Qt team of experts has been involved in the design of the system, in which software in accordance with the ITxPT standard was created for the next generation of computers and driver terminals. The solution developed in 2019 is used in buses by our customers.


FARA digital public transportation services

Photo: FARA

FARA is currently delivering ticket system reforms that leverage Unikie’s server application development and mobile application development expertise. In Finland, development of a national public transport ticket system Waltti is currently underway. In the project managed by TVV Lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy, Fara’s and Unikie’s development objectives are, e.g., the development of a mobile ticket system for urban public transport.

Unikie is a major partner of FARA in public transport projects. FARA’s international operating environment in product development and customer projects offers Unikie’s software developers the opportunity to develop into demanding roles as part of a team of professionals.

Unikie is developing new ticket systems and mobile ticket systems .

Keywords: C++, Linux, Qt, ITxPT, scripting, audio streaming, HW interfaces, CAN/OBD, IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, MQTT, http, Java, Linux, Mysql, SQL Server, Azure, Google, Web UI, React


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