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Bridging the gap between two worlds

Business and operations live in two worlds.

One world is the enterprise world, which is centered on business systems, business data and people, who use the systems and data to create an understanding of business and operations and make decisions based on that understanding. This understanding we call business knowledge and insight. The systems are called enterprise systems.

The other world is the physical world, which is centered on the operational space, machines, vehicles, people  and other instances (like weather, temperature, humidity, etc.) working and acting in that space. This space is the physical representation of a business, an environment or a community. We call the real-time systems working in the physical world embedded systems.

These two worlds are actually one and the same when the business is operating in a physical environment. However, they are not yet linked in real-time in many cases, but the enterprise environment is a history view of what has happened in the physical environment. This is where Unikie has it’s strongest competence to benefit its clients and partners.

We bring together the enterprise and the physical business using embedded, sensor-based real-time information and the existing enterprise information. Our tools are Machine Learning, Realtime Data Management, Cyber Security and Cloud.


No machine is an island. No device works without a connection to its environment and its user. Data sources are diversifying with sensor development and network development. At the same time control interfaces are required to be more immersive in order to act as a bridge between human and machine while human expectations of usability and the machine’s operational capabilities increase.

The cloud creates the bridge, computing is done on the edge. Over the last decade, scalable cloud platforms have contributed to the digitalization of enterprises, the networking of the global economy and the interoperability of devices. In the second wave of cloud transformation, enterprise information systems will be connected to device networks, continuing the exponential growth of data, further expanding real-time control applications. This requires multi-stage data processing and expertise throughout the system.

Fast and secured. Advanced telecommunications networks require advanced management of the entire environment. Private 5G networks are optimized together with sensor networks, essential data from sensor networks are fused and unnecessary data is discarded, and the utilization of information, awareness, is continuous and immediate. In this environment, secure data transmission must be built-in.

Optimizing the whole, together with our customer. At the heart of embedded systems and enterprise systems, we can utilize the process expertise of our experienced team of professionals in both agile experimental development and project management.

Together with our customers, we determine the need for common expertise so we can implement a customized solution in the way that creates the best value for our customers.

Bring Enterprise and Embedded together


Developers’ professionalism is a key element in system, application, data and interface development. Our developers have know-how and vast experience in various programming languages and environments – both enterprise and embedded.

Discover the different layers of enterprise and embedded development below.



Whether it’s application development, embedded development, integration, data-analytics or digitalization of business and operations, the need for exceptional software talent is growing exponentially. Different programming languages are, in many cases, defined by the surrounding development infrastructure and previously used legacy systems. At Unikie, we take great pride in having a wide knowledge and skill base on various relevant programming languages and techniques.

Our professionals are tried in projects that require a high level of knowledge and understanding of the goals and KPI’s of the entire project or solution. Our best references are our satisfied clients. Contact us and find out more.