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Running a business or public services creates massive amounts of data. Digitalization enables leveraging this data more efficiently and precisely than ever before. Data may be generated by systems, machines, sensors, cameras, vehicles or manually by human input or action. By fusing the information together at a single point of access, companies get analytics-based insight that can also be visualized for faster observation and decisions.

Unikie’s data professionals can use insights from the data to drive the strategy and help your organization to achieve its goals, by treating data as a valuable asset and embedding intelligence into business processes. With the support of data analytics and insights, you can develop new innovative services and achieve better employee and customer experience.

With Unikie’s agile data analytics solutions our customers can create value and achieve faster, cost-effective competitive advantages.


Our agile data solutions and wide range of expertise and experience from data engineering, artificial intelligence, cloud and integrations can help your organization to boost the productiveness and cost efficiency.

Whether it’s analyzing the effects of previous business decisions or forecasting sales, expenses or other KPI’s, Unikie’s data and cloud solutions are there to make things easier.


Data Engineering

Our experienced data engineers can help your organization in many ways. Our skillset covers the process from building the data infrastructure to designing the data architecture as well as gathering, collecting, storing and processing data and serving it to the business users in a visual form that serves their needs.

Cloud & Integrations

By data integration, users can achieve an unified view of the data, as it can combine data residing in different sources. With our Data Integration solutions, the data is not only transferred automatically from one system to another, but the data flow and transactions are also monitored.

Cloud computing can provide shared computer processing resources and data. It can not only help to minimize IT infrastructure costs, but it can help your organization’s applications to run faster and require less maintenance and management effort.

Artificial Intelligence

With data science you can extract insights from data in various forms through scientific processes and systems. It brings insights from artificial intelligence and some of the data analysis fields such as statistics, machine learning, data mining and predictive analysis. Unikie’s experienced professionals from data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning fields can help your organization to boost it’s performance to the next level.

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