Data and the effective use of data in different environments is the key to business success.

Knowledge and insight from data

Data is the new oil. As with different engines, the oil (data) of embedded systems and enterprise systems is different from each other. Improperly implemented data structures and data communication challenges can slow down or even become an obstacle in the development of an overall system. Especially when the environment consists of IoT devices and the data they transmit in addition to enterprise applications and data. As with a cars’ engine and transmission oils, there are differences in data from embedded systems and enterprise systems, but the operation of both is essential to keep the car (or the entire environment) running smoothly.

Competence in data analytics and the development of complete systems are areas of expertise in which we stand out from our competitors. We understand the data and operation of IoT devices as well as the data and operation of enterprise systems. This  means we can build systems that offer businesses the ability to make faster decisions and utilize more content-rich information.

When our data expertise is combined with machine learning and solutions that utilize artificial intelligence, the opportunities for business development are limitless.

Data layer

The expertise of our data analytics professionals is based on excellent problem-solving skills, abstract thinking and an understanding of the entire data environment and its structures.

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