User & Interface

UI, GUI, HMI and UX. Versatile know-how on Embedded Systems – and Enterprise Systems too.

Competence on user experience and Human-Machine Interfaces

The user interface is an integral part of a complete system, as it is the connection between the user and the application. A good user experience enables the functionality of the application and the entire system and solves many challenges in how the user understands the operation of the application and the entire system.

Our experience with interfaces and API’s of embedded systems allows for a broader systems understanding, because expertise in embedded environments require knowledge of the entire architecture – hardware and software and their design.

Knowledge of user interfaces in embedded environments is constantly becoming more important on the enterprise systems side as well, as embedded systems are increasingly being utilized as parts of information and enterprise systems and for faster data processing. Internet of Things (IoT) brings embedded devices together with large enterprise systems and a consistent user experience is important.

User experience and interface layer

The extensive expertise of our user interface developers is based on excellent problem-solving skills, abstract thinking, understanding of the entire environment and vast knowledge of programming languages.

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