Our response to the effects of Covid-19

UNIKIE ACTION FOR COVID-19 (#rescueCovid19)

TLDR; 1. People come first – 2. Secure delivery of code – 3. Got project problems? Let us help!

The coronavirus presents a challenge for all of us as individuals and as a community. At Unikie, we have been working hard to make sure the effects of the virus are considered in terms of what it means to people we are working with, what it means to our customers’ business and continuity and what it means to us as a company.

It is of course clear that there are companies and people who are affected by the disease in some form or another. To make our stand concerning the matter we have been doing a few concrete things. Here’s what we are and have been doing:


We are a company of highly skilled individuals but what makes us great is our people and culture when we have enough communication and the ability to exchange knowledge and ideas. Therefore, people come first. If we aren’t putting in our best effort to take care of the people we are working with there is little chance of getting things right. This is something we have already been doing before the pandemic but now is the time we put our actions where our mouths were. One of the most important things is to keep our social interaction going and make it even more active than usual.

Remotely Together is a way for us to interact, share and develop

Quickly after it became evident that work as we knew it could be done as it used to anymore, we created and launched the “Remotely Together” website which allows us to share what’s going on with us. We also gather around an online “Coffee table” weekly to discuss current topics around work and how things are going. This it not the only form of communication – this “unofficial” communication is wrapped with continuous status reporting on important projects and how our customers are adjusting to the situation. Our Handbook site is the definitive guide to working together and how we as a company are handling the latest information and related tasks. There’s also our Unikie-o-meter, that’s measuring how we are doing today.


We are involved and leading many critical and high security projects that require very rugged measures of physical and technical security. It’s not a status quo that our people have the option on working on customer projects from outside our or their secure offices. This was a high priority matter and critical to achieve in order to have our customers’ projects output the results we are usually achieving. Also, this was a test for us to ensure our people are safe to work without having to leave home to go to an office space that is possibly affected by the virus.

Even the highest security information standards are met with TISAX3

First, we established how many of our people were in a project environment requiring them to work from a secure office location. There were actually quite a few and the task of getting these individuals a secure work location wasn’t easy. However, we were able to certify our out-of-office working spaces with a TISAX3 certification (more information here) and now we are able to continue even the more security-entailed projects without any disruption.

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Without our customers there’s no work for us. The ability to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction and uninterrupted projects is key to all our work – even in a time of unprecedented difficulties. This is why we have allocated huge amounts of our time and effort to making sure our people have all the support needed to work efficiently on customer and R&D projects.

Take care of your people, we help you reach your project goals

It is imperative that our customers have the support from our side to make a tough situation a little bit easier. Of course the general economy and the situation requires attention and focus on the most important business decisions and actions, but we are glad to say that our customers see the value of development especially in these challenging times. This is why we give our 110% to our ongoing projects to make sure there are silver linings after the pandemic.

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Above all, we are people. Like everyone else we are affected by the situation and are confronted with the fact that we who have resources and skills need to do our part in helping others and find ways to make this ordeal as short and safe as possible. Some of our colleagues have chipped in on projects that track how the virus is spreading, helping the authorities and people get the right information and also to take part in helping others through knowledge of how the situation is advancing.

Help is never in short supply when it’s time for it

It’s also good to take a look around, ask if some of your relatives or friends are in need of a hand. And if you are interested in helping with an open source project to fight Covid-19, check out this great open source project.

And last but not certainly the least – stay safe and take care from all of us at Unikie.