Digital transformation tutorial 3: Manage your data

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Digital transformation

Managing the data means transformation of data into information. How to do that? In your personal life you do it every day while evaluating your previous experiences and acting on behalf of them. To do it on organizational level, you need to have tools to…

1. Analyze the data

Big data is a big expression. You gather the data – you have the gold. Now you have to mine it and melt it into bars. Big players like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others offer cloud solutions including computing power to do the analysis. Or you can as well build your own infrastructure. This task builds on the storage of data mentioned in previous chapter. You are enhancing the storage with context. You and the supplier of your tools are the ones providing explanation to the data. As with big data, it is not in human capacity to check every piece of it, you delegate…

2. Processing of the data

… to algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. With the analysis provided, you generate a set of rules and bring the logic. The more historical data you have, the better and more accurate results you will get. So, when you…

3. Visualize the data

… to the users as a set of information, the information will be trustworthy. All previous steps were mostly running in the background, thus among IT folks – you can define it as Back End. Now with visualization we are talking about Front End, where the result is the visible part shown to the users. This is also referred as User Interface (UI) or as User Experice (UX).

It is worth mentioning that this is usually the end of the work for IT specialists. Delivering nice looking screens with valuable information about quality, consumption, number of invoices automatically processed, utilization figures, customers satisfaction, sales success rates, maintenance tasks, etc.

However, this is not the end for the transformation itself. As up to this stage, only few people were involved, now the real fight begins.


With analyzed and processed data, you have everything you need for automated decision making. You have the knowledge preserved and you can now make it available for anyone in our organization. 

About the author

The author is Unikie’s business development manager, Lukáš Ptoszek. Since graduation as civil engineering at Brno technical University, Lukas has been working with project deliveries in different roles, companies and positions. Currently he is responsible for Unikie’s business development in Central European market, where his experience from non IT industries merges with Unikie’s knowledge enabling the best value offering for our customers.

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Business Development Manager
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