Digital transformation tutorial 4: Use your information

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Digital transformation

People are the key!

It is unfortunately very often seen that a company invests a large amount of money to systems no one actually uses. The most common mistakes are unfriendly environment (UI, UX), misleading information and lack of interest from top down.

No matter if you fully automate some processes or provide guidance for improvement during the process, human interaction is in some way or form necessary until the time when the whole world will become automated and mankind will no longer be. As we can agree, this will not happen soon, so let’s break down the common reasons for digital transformation failures:

1. Misleading information

Happens if there is a mistake done or a shortcut taken on the path of the transformation. Missing process, missing asset, weak description of the context, insufficient data explanation.

2. Unfriendly environment

User shall have the joy of the result. Meaning not only pleasant looks, but especially the expected functionality. Looks might be improved easily, but functionality? If you do not define your requirements clearly, you will most probably end up with a tool no one is willing to use.

3. Lack of interest from top down

Remember the chart in the very beginning of this tutorial? Digital transformation brings changes. It is much easier to adapt to these changes when you find clear benefits and value at the end of the transformation. Dedicated top and middle management using the same tools, using the benefits of digital transformation, really leading the change, is the key.

No time and skills to be shown here. It takes time to adapt, learn and start using the new toys digital transformation will bring to your organization. Change management is more of a psychological industry as you are working with every member of your organization and – when done extensively – also with piers of your chain, such as suppliers, customers and partners.

To close with numbers

  • After digital transformation more than 80% of companies appreciated additive manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Large data analytics and Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • With digital transformation:
    • 47% of companies expects advantage over competitors
    • 43% of companies expects higher resilience against crisis and recession

Source – National Center for Industry 4.0

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About the author

The author is Unikie’s business development manager, Lukáš Ptoszek. Since graduation as civil engineering at Brno technical University, Lukas has been working with project deliveries in different roles, companies and positions. Currently he is responsible for Unikie’s business development in Central European market, where his experience from non IT industries merges with Unikie’s knowledge enabling the best value offering for our customers.

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Business Development Manager
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