Digital transformation tutorial (for dummies)

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is not rocket science. All it takes is will and courage from the key people.

 This tutorial expects you have the courage for change. If you don’t have it yet, you will find the added value for your organization in the following chapters and hopefully you will see it is worth the effort. Time and skills needed are expressed at the end of each chapter for your better understanding of the transformation process.

Recovering from pandemic era remote mode, on the edge of war, the working environment volatility is uncanny. When, if not now to automate up most of your processes? When, if not now preserve the knowledge of your top employees in digital form?

Money talks. All benefits from digitalization can be transferred to money savings. Energy / media consumption down, efficiency and quality up, more sales, faster customer response, preserving knowledge.

How? In four basic steps, out of which none should be skipped, all must be documented, done with eyes wide open.

Digital transformation tutorial

  1. Introduction
  2. Describe current processes & assets
  3. Collect data
  4. Manage data
  5. Use data


The author is Unikie’s business development manager, Lukáš Ptoszek. Since graduation as civil engineering at Brno technical University, Lukas has been working with project deliveries in different roles, companies and positions. Currently he is responsible for Unikie’s business development in Central European market, where his experience from non IT industries merges with Unikie’s knowledge enabling the best value offering for our customers.

Lukáš Ptoszek
Business Development Manager
+358 50 517 0531

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