Future of Automated Parking – Cost-savings and Efficiency

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Online Webinar (Time 15:00 CEST)







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11.09.2020 00:00

Automated Parking has the capability to save expenses, enhance production flow and increase productivity by maneuvering vehicles in a geofenced area. The technology has a wide range of applications from parking cars on factory premises and logistics on car storage facilities and terminals to maneuvering heavy machinery on production sites or vessels in ports. In this webinar, we focus on automotive solutions.

Join Unikie, MHP and Promotives in our 1-hour webinar on the advantages, technology and business cases behind automated parking and vehicle maneuvering through the surrounding infrastructure.




Cellular dedicated networks are a key enabler for Automated Factory Parking

Patrick Ruelke

Patrick Ruelke
Business Development Industry Solutions

Center of Excellence 5G Industry 4.0


Pat has a strong industry background by building electric vehicle manufacturing & logistics operations in the US and Germany. At Ericsson he pushes forward the business development activities in the Center of Excellence 5G towards Industry 4.0.


How Autonomous Driving enables Automated Factory and Valet Parking in closed areas and why it’s the first real use-case

Joachim Hauser

Joachim Hauser

Promotives GmbH

Joachim Hauser is the General Manager of Promotives GmbH, a Berlin located company providing industrial services for Automated Driving on gated areas. Promotives is specialized in digital HD maps and 3D models of existing facilities, as well as in Control Systems for automated vehicles in gated areas. He has an extensive vehicle and ICT industry experience from working for Porsche AG, IBM Germany and BMW.


Industry 4.0 – Integration and Benefits of Automated Parking for Manufacturing and Logistics

Bernd Herold

Bernd Herold
Associate Partner, Customer Digital Services


Bernd Herold is leading the Service Unit Customer Digital Services at MHP. He is an expert in digital services along the product to customer End-2-End chain. Bernd started in MHP 8 years ago on the digitalization of the vehicles with connected services, introduced the upcoming e-Mobility world and is now working on the autonomous use-cases. In his current role he is consulting many service-, insurance companies as well as automotive suppliers and manufacturers all over the world.


The Building Blocks of Automated Parking 


Vesa Kiviranta
SVP – Automotive & Intelligent Vehicles

Unikie – We Drive The Change

Vesa Kiviranta is heading Automotive & Intelligent Vehicles Business Services at Unikie – a deep tech software, hardware and ICT infrastructure development company with exceptional know-how and expertise in autonomous driving solutions. Vesa has an extensive experience in automotive technology and projects, leading business at tech companies – Elektrobit as an example.

Keywords: Edge computing, 5G, automated parking, lidar, sensor fusion, logistics, Industry 4.0

Interested in Unikie Automated Parking? See our demonstration. Also check out our Automotive Services and Solutions.


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