Smart Ports 4.0 Summit

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All Day Event

Smart Ports 4.0 Summit

29-30 September 2021

The Smart Ports 4.0 Summit brings the traditional ports and maritime sector towards the digital future by embracing, adopting and deploying already matured as well as new, developing technologies with human capital and corporate identity.

In 2021, Unikie is a Silver Sponsor for the Smart Ports 4.0 Summit. Petri Kalske, Head of Industrial Solutions, will be participating in the discussions in the 8th session “Making the most of the key technology advancements already in place” and tell more about Unikie’s approach to Smart Ports.

Join the Smart Ports 4.0 Summit for a two-day strategic discussion on the future of the maritime industry.

Unikie is a Sponsor for the Smart Ports 3.0 Summit

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