Vessel optimisation webinar

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Webinar (Time 09:00 BST)



Vessel optimisation: how AIS optimises decision making

Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) support sharper decision making and a competitive edge, especially when it comes to understanding and predicting trade flows, managing and monitoring emissions and optimising vessel performance. New applications are fast emerging that will drive transparent vessel operations and reporting.

Unikie participates in Riviera’s Vessel Optimisation Webinar Week as Jouni Salo (Business Development and Ecosystems) joins the panel discussion about port flow, vessel operations, real-time monitoring and situational awareness.

Vessel Optimisation Week

The webinar covers

  • The environmental value of persistent real-time monitoring
  • The importance of situational awareness in just-in-time arrival concepts
  • Cargo tracking and monitoring
  • Tapping into shipping’s vast under-explored data resources
  • Long-range wireless radio frequency technology
  • Lessons learned from the Suez Canal blockage


Panelists include:

  • Jouni Salo, Business Development and Ecosystems, Unikie
  • Dr. Mikael Lind, Adjunct professor in Maritime Informatics, Chalmers University of Technology and Senior Strategic Research Advisor, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)
  • Kevin Moyer, Director of Strategy, HawkEye 360
  • Peter Mabson, President, CEO and Director, exactEarth
Jouni Salo