Experienced IT multi-expert Teemu Yllikäinen started at Unikie as a FullStack Developer

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“Over the years I have worked with many Unikiens as a customer and I have always appreciated the high level of professionalism and good spirit.”

Teemu Yllikäinen started at Unikie’s customer project as a FullStack Developer at the beginning of September. Mainly for family reasons, he once again jumped into coding when Unikie offered a great opportunity for this.

The long-standing software developer got excited about writing code at the age of 10, and since then, the secrets of the codes have fascinated Lieto-based Teemu. He began his career twenty years ago as an embedded developer, and the novelty charm of coding has not disappeared anywhere

“I have been lucky, to get opportunities during my career to be involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from embedded and IoT solutions to full SaaS projects and everything in between”, Yllikäinen says.

A 20-year career in the IT industry has included much more than just writing code. Yllikäinen’s expertise has been utilized in several industries and in numerous different roles. In his previous jobs, he has done projects e.g. in the automotive, media, construction, and education industries, with roles ranging from developer to project manager and team leader.

“It is refreshing to focus on writing code”

Despite his numerous roles, he has always returned to programming. Such as now as his career continues in the ranks of Unikie. Yllikäinen is excited not only about his new job, but also about being allowed to focus 100% on coding.

“In recent years, my work has involved a lot of responsibility, which has meant that the calendar has been full. Now that the children are still small, it is nice to be able to do the kind of work where you can influence your own calendar and be able to organize work around the family as well”, Yllikäinen summarizes.

“And it is refreshing to focus on writing code, I have found a lot of that feeling that once got me to the industry”, he adds.

Yllikäinen enjoys working with people and sees one of his strengths being looking at things from the customer perspective as well. At work, the end result and satisfied customers and users are important to him. Working is especially meaningful for him when he also sees his own software being used and someone benefitting from it and getting added value.

Yllikäinen became interested in Unikie as a workplace several years ago, but at that time the time was not ripe for teleworking, and Yllikäinen, who lives in Southwest Finland, was not willing to commute to interesting projects on a daily basis. However, corona time has changed attitudes towards teleworking and now Yllikäinen works for a Helsinki-based customer mainly from home.

In his current project, Yllikäinen makes software for a HVAC customer for water billing and management in housing companies. He is especially excited about his own virtual team when, through qualified co-workers, he has once again found himself learning something new.

I wear Unikie brand proudly

Yllikäinen has already got to know Unikie and the skilled team as a customer. Over the years he has worked with many Unikiens as a customer and has always appreciated the high level of professionalism and good spirit. He was already convinced that the work environment offered exactly what he wanted: high-level expertise and interesting projects.

As a fresh Unikien, Yllikäinen immediately said that he was proud to be part of the company. The majority of respondents to Unikie’s annual personnel survey also agree with him. On a scale of 1-5 (1 = Totally disagree, 5 = Strongly agree), the average response for “I wear Unikie brand proudly” is 4.28. Even higher than this, on a quality scale, Unikiens experience equal and fair treatment of people in the company, the energizing ‘can-do’ working attitude prevailing in the company and positive interaction with colleagues.

Unikie’s EVP, Sales Seppo Kolari thanked the Unikiens for doing an excellent job in the in-house Town Hall meeting. He said that due to the high performance of the experts, Unikie’s reputation in the market is high.

“Driven by a high reputation, new, even more interesting projects are constantly being brought in, even with the most innovative companies on the market. We therefore have capacity to offer experts really interesting and challenging projects with the latest technologies, where you can deepen your skills even more. At the same time, this will enable the company to continue to grow”, Kolari said with satisfaction.

According to the personnel survey, Unikiens already find the projects offered by the company interesting. In addition, they are happy to recommend Unikie as a workplace to their friends as well.

Nearly 200 job applications in August

The reputation of Unikie is also reflected in the recruitment market. In August, almost 200 new job applications were received. Of these, 13 led to the signing of an employment contract. With sales doing a great job, there are certainly enough vacancies, as long as you can get applicants and places to match.

During August and September, Senior SW Engineer Jarkko Hepokangas, SW Developer Johannes Pirhonen, Senior SW Developer JaniTimmerheid and SW Specialist Jari Nippula started as new Unikiens in Tampere.  Teemu Yllikäinen strengthens the Turku office’s team of experts.

The Polish unit of Unikie has also got reinforcements. Three software developers Michal Krawczak, Grzegorz Matczak  and Adrian Makowiak have started in the product development of Unikie close to customer projects in Central Europe.

In addition to the above, Unikie’s ranks are reinforced by two software developers, one test automation engineer, an office assistant and a deliver manager.

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