Looking for automotive software technology? You have come to the right place. Unikie professionals are a group of exceptional professionals with experience on challenging automotive software engineering and embedded software, combined with Unikie’s technology solutions.

We are the only deep technology company and among the few companies in Finland with a TISAX level 3 certification for the automotive industry. This means we can handle highly sensitive external data and have undergone on-site inspection by an approved audit provider. 

Car digitalization needs advanced, safety-critical software development practices and skills that are hard to acquire. Our professionals can help your company create a unique  in-car experience by developing high-quality software.

Unikie has level 3 TISAX certification for the automotive sector
Unikie is a member of AUTOSAR, AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture

We cover the entire spectrum of connected vehicles

Connected, secured and entertained. And more. Our technology offers solutions and services for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users as well as autonomous car maneuvering on predefined areas like parking lots and car parks.

Digital mobility services

Connectivity opens up new possibilities for automated services. Our technology unites people, processes and vehicles in real time. See how our AVP solution makes valet parking an entirely new experience.

Secure connectivity

The future of vehicles is connected. That is why ensuring secure data transfer is one of our key development areas. Learn how we create services for reliable and secure factory logistics.

Digital cockpit design

Software development for digital cockpit design leverages our human-machine-interface (HMI) assets. Our technology is designed to add functionality, accuracy and features to platforms such as Android Automotive. Learn more about digital cockpits.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

We work towards increased safety by developing ADAS technologies. Computer vision and sensors can identify and foresee situations that us humans might easily overlook.

Autonomous Driving

We have created solutions which allow us to control vehicles that do not have autonomous driving capabilities. Learn more about our technology assets for controlling and maneuvering any type of vehicle, and our commercially available AD solutions.

AUTOSAR Developer partner

The long lifecycle of cars and the cloudification of devices and vehicles networking with their surroundings pose huge security challenges. At the core of our AUTOSAR partnership is the protection of information within the car’s internal buses and at its external interfaces.

Connected vehicles

Vehicle-to-everything communications is reinventing the power of connected vehicles. Our technology assets for V2X enable safety and efficiency improvements, as well as road maintenance and logistics optimization through local and focused information and alerts.

Our service models for automotive clients


We offer expertise and technology for all secure automotive networks, systems and software projects.

Remote R&D teams

Our experienced R&D teams in Finland and in Poland deliver customized services directly for the needs of the industry and the customer.

Agile develop­ment

We adopt agile practices to offer shorter development cycles, early delivery and continuous improvement with high software quality.

Sprint-based billing

We work together with the client to decide the scope and timeframe of delivery. As a result, we can offer our clients maximum value for investment.


autonomous driving

Autonomous Driving (AD)

We are a global developer of Autonomous Driving (AD). We develop state-of-the-art technologies for car and vehicle OEM manufacturers.

Dead Reckoning

Do you need a functioning Dead Reckoning solution? Our market-proven solution enables more precise estimation of position.
Unikie Driver and Passenger Monitoring

Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System betters road safety by monitoring driver‘s steering behavior and alerting when deficiencies in driver activity are detected.


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