Machine Vision, Learning and Automation Solutions for Industry.


Manufacturing industries are working with an increasing amount of data. By mining insights from this data – often in realtime – manufacturers can make better decisions without human intervention, increase efficiency, safety, cost savings and accuracy as well as decrease downtime.

Our technology assets in machine vision, machine learning, and automation offer wide capabilities for development of automated manufacturing solutions. The use cases in manufacturing include:

  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sorting
  • Assembly Line Automation and Optimization
  • Custom Object Detection
  • Application Interfaces
  • Data processing with algorithms
  • Sensor Interfaces (Cameras, Lidars, Radars, GPS Systems, etc.)

We leverage automation, information flow, integration, machine vision and machine learning. We develop and maintain solutions that are reliable, efficient, and secure throughout their entire lifecycle.

Machine Learning and Machine Vision enable safety, control and savings.

We bring intelligence to manufacturing processes, production systems, devices, and machines by developing realtime robust and business critical solutions that run 24/7 even in harsh conditions.

Using our tech assets as accelerators, we deliver projects in an efficient way without compromising the quality.

Unikie services and solutions can be utilized in automating workflows, bringing together crucial information for all key operators and automating business critical operations in a way that increases certainty. Our R&D services can offer expertise for all industrial network, systems and software projects.


Unikie Clients, Cases, Projects and Joint Ventures

Realtime Quality Dashboard

Realtime Quality Dashboard provides an overall view of the quality measures, trends and forecasts of quality, as well as key parameters affecting quality.
Low-energy Bluetooth tags

Bluetooth Positioning

We help you gain new insight using Bluetooth Low Energy, offering BLE localization algorithms as well as BLE software customization and integration services.