Improve the efficiency of your port operations.

Increased situational awareness, optimized efficiency.

Ports are the heart of international logistics – complex ecosystems where everyone’s actions impact others. To streamline port processes, Unikie offers port digitalization solutions and technology based on hands-on port and maritime experience. We combine deep industry expertise with exceptional software and AI talent.

We help ports with digitalization. We enable data-driven operations and utilization of the latest artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies. User-centricity is the starting point of our development. Our solutions are designed to support port actors in

  • centralized data collection
  • data insight and knowledge sharing
  • common situational awareness
  • better collaboration and planning


We enable smart port operations by harnessing awareness, automation and autonomous operations. We want to make all the relevant information visible to all port actors by offering new toolsets to improve the overall efficiency of port flow.

Solutions for Maritime and Smart Ports

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We develop new and efficient solutions for modern maritime and smart port operations. Here are some areas in which we can help you with: