Driver assistance, safety and autonomous operations for industry.


Enabling fully autonomous operations or semi-automated functions can bring significant advantages in efficiency, safety and accuracy for mining, forestry, and agriculture.

Our expertise in machine vision, machine learning, and automation enables wide capabilities for development of industrial solutions. We utilize our technology development and investments done for autonomous cars and turning those solutions suitable for industrial usage.

We know what it takes to build robust business critical solutions for demanding industrial needs.

Machine Vision and Machine Learning enable safety, control and savings.

We bring intelligence to agricultural, forest and mining machinery by developing realtime robust and business critical solutions that that run 24/7 even in harsh conditions.

Using our tech assets as accelerators, we deliver projects in an efficient way without compromising the quality.

Unikie services and solutions can be utilized in numerous applications, such as autonomous maneuvering of heavy industry vehicles and machines, automating workflows, creating dynamic safety zones and automating business critical operations in a way that increases certainty. Along with customizable solutions, our R&D services can offer expertise for all systems and software development projects.



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