History and business

Unikie, founded in 2015 is a modern age company in software industry. Our mission is to provide our clients with unmatched service and competence with exceptional software talent. We create prosperity by building a success story of Finnish software development in a completely new way. The company’s operation is built around people, to support the well-being of both personnel and customers.

We focus to create strong employee community around technologies, which provide bright future for our consultants. Our assignments are close to customers. We pay our consultants fair and fixed share based on invoicing, and our model is transparent to our employees and customers.



  • Clients and result first – We deliver more value than expected to our clients by fiercely developing and supporting one another across the company
  • Honesty – We are transparent throughout the company and towards clients. We have the courage to disagree, invent and champion unconventional solutions to problems
  • Taking responsibility – We expect our people to proactively own every problem and/or project they face with a client or our firm
  • Competence – Our company consists of top notch technical talent dedicated and excited about developing themselves and solving the toughest challenges