How to react with Corona situation – heading towards sand storm


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IMO – Opinion

I just read a book from Helena Åhman. There is a story of Bison in a sand storm. What do they do? They go directly headwind towards the oncoming dust storm. That way the hard time in it goes by faster.

Thinking of how to react with this Corona situation it is what we also need to do. We are deeply worried of our loved ones, and want to take this thing seriously. Same time we need to maintain the business continuity to keep the society up and running.

We studied our customers to understand where we stand. Everyone wanted to fight back, even if it would ne finding new tricks making it possible to work from homes. We took fast course of actions to make sure we have maximum opportunity to operate with remote setup in our operations. In some security and/or hardware related software cases it is challenging but with hard work we will get there. This is about project work, and it is the hardest part.

In doing business, we have our own, separate track of operations apart from doing the customer cases. It is about our sales, operations, delivery, recruitment, R&D, finance, HR, marketing and communications. In toolchain side this one is easy. We have been on the same powerful toolchain from day one of the company. This makes it easy to adapt.

On the other hand we have been on fast track to go international. This has happened through our technology and the way we have done it has been through demos, meetings and co-operation. Lots and lots of legwork. And lots of miles for team in action with this. Now we need to adapt.

Sales is turning to remote sales, sales planning needed to take to next level, digital demos instead of real life, sales activity to contact customers going through the roof when saving time from traveling. Digital marketing and sales is something we have been doing for quite some time, but hasn’t really take it so seriously, because the old way has done it effectively. Now it is time to take our lead generation, customer acquisition and blended sales to new level.

Why it is important? It is about fighting back, not giving up. We need to pursue to leverage our businesses every way possible to keep things rolling. The global economy is going to see challenges because of the situation. Reinventing businesses fast will help the society to adapt to the situation better.

Esko Mertsalmi
Unikie CEO

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