Android / Google Ecosystem Guru

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Development Consultant / Advocate / Architect to work with one of our Customers – a well-recognised global phone manufacturer.

The challenge is to actively part-take in creation of a new Application Market within a new Application Ecosystem. The job is to be performed in Finland.


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a project of such magnitude and importance.

– Are you a Google / Android – ecosystem guru?
– Would you like to move to Finland, to taste possibly the cleanest air in the world, visit their hundreds of thousands of lakes, experience ‘white nights’ when the Sun never sets and see the aurora borealis with your own eyes?
– Do you have a documented record of working with global/large-scale projects?
– Have you worked with integrating complex components and services affecting hundreds of thousands customers or more?
– Do you have experience in discussing technical matters with business people on a CXX level?
– Do you have a proven record of presenting your ideas to a wider audience and leading them forward afterwards?

If yes – then we at Unikie have a unique offer for you!


  • A relocation package – a help you to move from Poland to Finland.
  • An experienced and ambitious community that is looking for new makers for our challenging and changing customer projects.
  • An opportunity to develop your skills in a superb group of people and in varying projects: our own product-related and done for our customers.
  • Wage highly correlated with your skills and mindset. And fair.
  • A deep and flexible organization that looks after its own.

Our operation is based on openness and transparency, regarding both our own community as well as our customers. At the top of our values are customers and jointly achieved results. Our other core values are honesty, responsibility and competence combined with a burning desire to develop oneself, and solving the most difficult technological challenges.

We bring a unique partnership to our customers’ key projects, as well as specially talented experts in software development. Our experts operate as consultants and developers in challenging technological undertakings.


For more information about this position, please contact:

Mariella Merikallio, +358 50 472 6766,


Helsinki (Finland)
Oulu (Finland)
Tampere (Finland)
Turku (Finland)

Other locations are also negotiable.



About Unikie

Unikie, founded 2015, is a modern age company in software industry. Unikie develops cutting edge technology solutions for automotive, telecom and industrial domains. We focus on ADAS, telematics, analytics and machine learning solutions, software and algorithms. With our software and competence, our clients can accelerate their R&D to a completely new level. By 2020 Unikie has employed around 300 software professionals and the growth continues.

Would you like to be part of our success story and to be involved in building future solutions? You could help industry to build next generation solutions for cars, busses and bigger vehicles. Or you could work with multiple solutions and hardware. That’s what we do with our customers.


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