LiDAR sensor accuracy was tested in machine environment

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The investments by Unikie technology team into software solutions for LiDAR and LiDAR application development are progressing. The LiDAR-expertise team has focused on developing a solution for analysing the LiDAR sensor and point cloud data.

In Hämeenkoski, they carried out field tests, in which a Volvo wheel loader was used in machine environment to test how much vibration affects the resolution of a LiDAR sensor installed onto the wheel loader’s base.

– In the field tests, we did measurements at different speeds and found out how obstacles of different sizes can be observed at the different speeds, says Unikie Managing Director Esko Mertsalmi.

“The system we have developed will observe the obstacles at normal work speeds”

The characteristics and operating environment of heavy machinery is very different to those of passenger cars, for example. Even a small stone can damage a machine with a heavy load. Additionally, the dust, terrain and lighting of the operating environment can make it harder to observe obstacles with the traditional methods.

– We are researching the applicability of an affordable LiDAR sensor to observing small-sized obstacles in a real operating environment. The system we have developed will observe the obstacles at normal work speeds in all lighting conditions, says Tuomas Pöyhtäri, the algorithm designer of the LiDAR team.

The goal of Unikie is to develop a software solution for LiDAR, which would give the customers an opportunity to use this new and highly interesting technology without significant development costs.

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