New office in Turku: the aim is to create a network of talents for the software development of self-driving devices


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Investing in the software development of self-driving devices, Unikie is expanding its operations to Turku. The expansion is part of the company’s growth strategy, where the primary aim is to go global with the help of its own product development solutions. This year, the company has already expanded its operations to Germany and the United States. The Turku office is set to open in May.

– Turku has a lot of growth potential and interesting clients, and the time is right for expanding our operations, explains Chairman of the Board and Founder of Unikie Seppo Kolari, who is also from Turku.

Unikie aims to form a strong unit in Turku where there is a need for highly talented software developers. The Turku region has several companies and entities that are developing intelligent, self-driving devices or utilizing technology developed for them. The universities in the region also provide high-quality education and research related to the topic.

Petri Kalske will take the reins of the Turku unit

Petri Kalske from Turku will lead Unikie’s operations in Turku. Kalske has long-term experience in the international software business and will play a key role not only as the leader of the Turku operations, but also in the product development and deliveries of Unikie.

– Unikie is currently at an extremely interesting phase and possesses brilliant expertise, especially in terms of intelligent, self-driving vehicles. It is great to be involved in both boosting the international growth of the company as well as building a strong unit particularly in Turku, says Kalske.

Self-driving vehicles and machines as spearhead areas

The three-year-old Unikie has invested heavily in its product development from the very beginning. Product development has been spearheaded by the Unikie AI Vision LiDAR application and the LiDAR system simulation environment.

Unikie AI Vision is an advanced comprehensive solution of self-driving vehicles and devices. AI Vision is capable of the continuous 3D modelling of the environment with centimeter accuracy in real time while utilizing not only LiDAR, but also multiple other sensors, such as stereo cameras, ultrasonic radars, GPS and acceleration sensors. In addition, one of the features of AI Vision is pattern recognition, allowing it to recognize moving people and other obstacles in the environment also in extreme conditions.

Unikie has also developed a simulated test environment, making it easier to design, develop and test a LiDAR-based system and self-driving technology. Quality control has been the biggest challenge in the implemented projects so far, since an appropriate commercial validation tool has not been available. The simulation test environment created by Unikie is suitable for testing the LiDAR solutions of all manufacturers.

In addition to its own product development, Unikie provides advanced software development services and consultation for the industry and service sector. Founded in 2015, Unikie has quickly grown into a significant software development company in Finland. Last year, Unikie achieved a consolidated turnover of 8.8 million. The company headquarters are in Tampere. In November, following a merger with Mystes Oy, Unikie established a strong unit in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area focusing on integration services. The company also has offices in Oulu and Kuopio, Munich and San Jose, United States. Unikie employs a staff of 130.

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