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Unikie is launching its own mentoring programme to train newly graduated or early-stage coders to become top software experts, especially for the automotive industry. Unikie offers junior coders an opportunity to work in one of the fastest-growing technology companies and to be trained and mentored by the best experts on developing the QNX operating system.
Technology companies Vaisala and Unikie cooperate to enable better utilization of hyperlocal accurate weather data in ports. Vaisala’s weather station solution collects real-time hyperlocal observations from the port area. Combined with the real-time port data sharing and control system developed by Unikie, it enhances port safety and efficiency.
Unikie, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Finland, is expanding to Estonia. Unikie, a pioneer in intelligent, real-time decision-making machines, cars and industrial applications, will establish a product development unit in Tallinn and and aim to recruit 100 software developers within two years.
The Port Activity App, developed by Unikie, has been nominated as a finalist at Seatrade Awards, in association with Lloyd’s List. The Port Activity app participates in the Port & Terminal Digital Technology Award category. This award recognises the development and / or application of innovative port and terminal technology that supports the achievement of specific goals.
Ericsson’s private 5G network, Edge Computing, and Unikie’s Automated Factory Parking (AFP) solution are now utilized for the remote steering of vehicles at Unikie’s test facility in Turku. Ericsson’s 5G network enables the optimal functioning of Unikie’s automated parking solution. Low-latency networks and safe data transfer are prerequisites for developing Unikie’s high-level AI solutions.
The world premiere of the automatic parking service of Finnish Unikie, a pioneer in autonomous driving, will be seen at the IAA Mobility 2021 exhibition in Munich, starting today. Unikie is showcasing its automated parking solution with automotive giants BMW, Ford, Jaguar-Land Rover and Mercedes Benz in a joint venture of the German Automobile Industry Association.
Unikie and the automotive service provider Valmet Automotive, are developing an innovative logistics solution at the car plant site in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Testing and validating the Automated Factory Parking technology, developed by Unikie, at a business-critical factory environment is an important step in taking the new technology to the production stage.
Unikie was selected as the Tivi Company of 2021. Every year, Tivi selects the best Tivi – Tietoviikko IT magazine in Finland – Company of the Year from the list of 250 largest IT companies in Finland. 
Chief Commercial Officer Seppo Kolari of the autonomous mobility and process control software developer Unikie has transferred from Finland to manage Unikie’s global sales from the United States. Kolari will continue as Unikie’s CCO and Board Member, with additional duties including, in particular, promoting the company’s business and reinforcing its position in the US market where Unikie has set its sights firmly on growth.
Unikie has been selected to work with Sfara, the US based technology development company, as a Preferred Partner. The groundbreaking work around technology focuses on making life safer for everyone.
Unikie participates in the Energy ECS project by leading a use case which aims to develop safe autonomous driving technology for closed areas. The solution utilizes Automated Factory Parking technology to remotely plan and control the movement of multiple buses in real time using a centralized and automated vehicle mission control platform.
The Finnish software technology company Unikie will introduce its automated parking solution at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich in September.
Unikie joins the AI-SEE project along with 21 partners comprising world class players on the OEM and supplier level. Unikie will contribute to enhancing vehicle vision in low visibility conditions by offering software components for automated driving functions.
The autonomous mobility and process control software developer Unikie’s Finnish information security expertise is valued among car manufacturers: Unikie has been invited to join AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) as developer partner. Unikie Chief Information Security Officer Jari Mononen was invited as a speaker of AUTOSAR information security working group.
2020 was once again a year of strong growth for Unikie Ltd, a software technology for automatically controlled devices developing company. Growth continues under the leadership of the new CEO and with the support of investors.
The Finnish technology house Unikie became a member of the cybersecurity interest organization Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) in March. A forerunner in intelligent machines, cars and industrial applications capable of real-time decision-making, Unikie develops technologies for secured real-time processes. Integrity and reliability of network traffic are essential prerequisites for applications. Cybersecurity has become a significant part of Unikie’s business operations.
Software technology companies Unikie and Qentinel have begun collaboration on automation testing of software solutions for the Automotive industry. Unikie develops technology for automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 operators. Qentinel is a leading provider of robotic software testing solutions.
Arete, a provider of RCS hosted solutions for carriers, completed their GSMA accreditation for their areteai RCS hosted solution in January 2021. The GSMA accreditation test cases were run using Unikie Android RCS applications and traces examined by GSMA.
One of Finland’s fastest growing technology companies is opening a new development site in Kuopio, eastern Finland. Unikie’s Kuopio unit will strengthen the company’s own technology development as well as provide service to local clients, such as the machine industry company Ponsse.
Unikie has appointed Ville Ilves as Chief Business Development Officer to develop the company’s international business and strengthen its software licencing expertise, effective August 1, 2021.
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