AI & Business Strategies: Unikie seeks growth through Artificial Intelligence

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Unikie will attend the AI & Business Strategies virtual event as a partner on Thursday, October 8th. AI & Business Strategies is a cross-industry event for business leaders, strategists, and practitioners looking for game-changing strategic insights to help increase business growth and gain competitive edge.

AI has a huge potential and expectations right now because of its wide-ranging affects on the businesses of so many – including Unikie.

Unikie has defined that our mission is to bring intelligence to devices, machines, and industrial systems. We have, for example, developed Unikie AI Vision technology, utilizing Machine Vision and Machine Learning, that is applicable across various industries.

Jussi Ahola“Our robust solutions cover the whole journey, from first to last mile. Whether we are talking about autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0 or smart devices”, says Jussi Ahola, the Head of Unikie’s AI & Machine Learning.

Automated Factory Parking is one of our solutions utilizing artificial intelligence at Unikie. The system can maneuver an unlimited number of cars accurately even in confined spaces and crowded areas along with other factory traffic. In industrial premises, moving vehicles without drivers will bring massive cost savings.

Unikie’s expertise covers both Edge and Cloud AI. For example, the Automated Factory Parking solution uses Edge AI to enable autonomous driving. It combines a large and versatile network of sensors with intelligent algorithms for full and accurate control and detailed situational awareness.

”In practical terms, we define Edge AI as running AI algorithms – including the required data processing and storage – in or close to the actual devices. Instead of replacing Cloud AI, it’s complementary; big data and heavy computations are executed in the cloud, instant data and inference on the edge”, Ahola explains.

We are a partner with AI & Business Strategies, come meet us virtually at the event. See event website and register

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