AI Finland 2020 virtual conference: How artificial intelligence could be utilized successfully in the future

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Today, the international AI Finland 2020 virtual conference brings together companies and world-class research instances to discuss how artificial intelligence could be utilized successfully in the future. The organizers of the event, the Tampere city region economic development agency Business Tampere and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, estimate that in the 2020s, artificial intelligence will change society and business more than we can currently imagine.

Even today, artificial intelligence plays a big role in the operations of many companies. At AI Finland 2020, experts from several companies in the region will talk about how they utilize data and artificial intelligence in their operations. Representatives from several local companies are included in the event speakers, including Insta, Glaston, Cargotec, Sandvik, Valmet and Unikie.

As a representative of Unikie Petri Kalske, Head of R&D, is speaking with the title “AI on Wheels – Data driven automotive disruption”. According to Kalske, the transition from manufacturing thinking to software thinking is the biggest revolution the automotive industry has faced since the Ford T model.

“In 2010, some vehicles had about ten million lines of code, now this has expanded to about 200 million lines and about 200 software licenses. The number of car chips is expected to triple and the number of code lines for autonomous vehicles is projected to exceed 1 billion. By comparison, Apollo 11 took 992 lines of code”, Kalske describes.


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