Unikie and Ericsson’s cooperation utilizes a 5G network for real-time remote steering of vehicles

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Press Release September 7, 2021

Ericsson’s private 5G network, Edge Computing, and Unikie’s Automated Factory Parking (AFP) solution are now utilized for the remote steering of vehicles at Unikie’s test facility in Turku. Ericsson’s 5G network enables the optimal functioning of Unikie’s automated parking solution. Low-latency networks and safe data transfer are prerequisites for developing Unikie’s high-level AI solutions.

In 2019, over 90 million cars were manufactured in 500 automotive factories around the world.  Vehicle logistics management in car factories is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to 5G and automated parking, car manufacturers can now achieve improved efficiency, reliability, and reduced costs in logistics.

Unikie’s sensors and software enable car manufacturers to control and monitor a car’s trajectory within the factory and automate its parking. Ericsson’s private 5G network exhibits a reliable connection, low latency complying with safety requirements, and high-level data security standards, enabling the full automation of vehicle logistics in the factory.

“Together with Ericsson, we can meet the high standards of reliability and performance used by large manufacturers in automotive and machine industry. Steering self-driving vehicles is efficient and safe, not only in the automotive industry but also in other environments with demanding logistics,” says Vesa Kiviranta, Chief Business Officer of Unikie’s Automotive unit.

Transferring cars from the production line to intermediate storage, a stage that used to place a heavy workload on the drivers, is now automated. The automated recognition of the exact location of parked vehicles decreases the time and labor spent for the transfer. Precise parking can save up to 20% of parking space.  In addition, automated parking improves the safety of on-site staff and reduces the number of parking accidents.

“Private 5G networks enable car manufacturers to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve the safety of their employees. Combined with Unikie’s Automated Factory Parking solution, 5G networks can revolutionize vehicle logistics. It is exciting to be part of this project,” says Jansson Diekmann, Technical Account Manager at Ericsson.

Unikie develops software for real-time autonomous control of vehicles, devices, and processes for automotive and other industries. Automated parking can also be used at airports, shopping malls, and logistics centers, for example. Unikie’s automated parking solution will be showcased in IAA Mobility, one of the main events in the automotive industry that will take place in Munich, Germany on September 6 to 12.

More information:

Vesa Kiviranta, Chief Business Officer, Automotive, Unikie
+358 45 872 3421

Ericsson’s Press Release 7.9,2021: Ericsson and Unikie optimize factory parking with a 5G private network and automation

Ericssons Pressemitteilung 7.9.2021: Ericsson und Unikie stellen automatisiertes Parken für Fabrikgelände auf IAA Mobility in München vor



Unikie is a Finnish software technology company that develops technologies for protected real-time processes. Our services concentrate on the crossroads of three global macrotrends – IoE, 5G, and AI, where our technology solutions enable a constant awareness of surroundings, as well as decision-making and control based on it. Our clients include pioneers of real-time data utilization in the automotive industry as well as other industries and telecommunication companies worldwide.

Founded in 2015, Unikie is one of Finland’s fastest growing technology companies. In 2020 our sales were 33 million euros. Our goal for the near future is to keep up our rapid international growth, because the demand for our AI, deep technology and security solutions is increasing rapidly everywhere. At the end of 2020 we received growth capital from Capman Growth and Tesi. We employ over 400 software developers in Sweden, Germany, Poland and the United States. Our clients include Sandvik, Nokia, Valmet and Ponsse.


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