Shaping the future of Industry 4.0 with Unikie’s Smart Space concept

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Unikie is a pioneering engineering company focused on bringing intelligence to machines, vehicles, and industrial solutions. Unikie’s platform utilizes machine learning, machine vision, sensor fusion, and digital twin technologies for creating constant awareness of the environment to create an autonomous ecosystem. This enables vehicles, machines, devices, and systems to perform seamlessly in an autonomous manner. Our expertise enables the internet of everything to create smart spaces.

Industry and business processes are increasingly equipped with sensors to collect more data to make better decisions in real-time process steering, augmenting operators and improving efficiency with autonomous operations. In Unikie’s technology autonomous processes, devices, and business information systems, together with sensors, form a smart space. Unikie’s Smart Space solution integrates real-time infrastructure snapshots and information systems to improve business quality, streamline processes, enable cost savings, and reduce human errors.


Forefront technology based on existing development

Unikie’s Smart Space solution is a sensor and IoT -based situational awareness concept with cutting edge computer vision technologies and AI. The Smart Space solution is based on the extensive research, development, and production work that Unikie has done for its existing solutions and frameworks, such as Autonomous Plant Marshalling, Automated Valet Parking, Soft sensor technology, and Machine Vision and Machine learning framework. After investing more than 10 million euros and 5 years into its development, the Smart Space solution offers the latest and most contemporary technology for industrial situational awareness.


Real-time digital view from past to future

Unikie helps its customers to monitor and automate manufacturing processes, factories, and industrial environments, such as logistics parks or manufacturing plants. Smart Space concept enables various situational awareness-based solutions and applications to be used in those industrial processes and areas to optimize operations and shift the view from past to future. Unikie’s solution continuously monitors the operations in a certain space, creates a real-time map and a digital twin of the situation by using different data sources and sensors, and produces statistical data that can be utilized immediately or processed afterwards. Unikie’s solutions can be used to autonomously control production machinery, to optimize and forecast work and information flow, monitor production quality, and prevent incidents. Processes can be adjusted and improved through real-time monitoring and analytics.


The many use cases and benefits of Smart Space

Real-time situational awareness can change the way industrial processes are managed. Smart Space concept can be used for example in process or cell-based manufacturing and in logistics and fleet management to get real-time visibility to everything that happens in the area, in the process and in the production. The benefits of Smart Space are numerous, for example it enables to:

  • maximize your business and production potential
  • increase functional safety
  • increase manufacturing yield
  • create consistency and improve material and people flow
  • minimize and prevent bottlenecks
  • save costs
  • do predictive maintenance
  • cut down emissions
  • invoice based on real-time activities
  • create safety zones and dynamic geofences
  • recognize quality issues and improve quality mid-process
  • create new sources of revenue


Unikie at Hannover Messe 2022Unikie is presenting its Smart Space solution and possibilities for industrial uses at the Hannover Messe 2022 from 30 May to 2 June in Hannover, Germany. Unikie will showcase examples and use-cases for using Smart Spaces in improving industrial business.

In addition, Unikie is participating in Navigate 2022 on 1-2 June in Turku, Finland. Unikie will be showcasing its port digitalization solutions and technology, such as the POLO – Port Activity App and industrial Smart Space concept.


Additional information

Mikko Järvinen, Chief Business Officer, Industry 4.0, +358 400 939 438,


Unikie in brief

Unikie is a pioneer in real-time data processing. We connect vehicles, people and processes using constant awareness of the environment. We support the competitiveness of leading companies in the automotive, manufacturing, mining, ports, and Telecom sectors, among others, by developing technology for sensor data-based autonomous driving, industrial AI and automation solutions, and secure connectivity and communications. We operate in a global marketplace and harness the almost limitless potential of the Internet of Everything (IoE), advanced 5g network connectivity and artificial intelligence to build a smart and secure society. Unikie is one of Finland’s fastest growing technology companies (Deloitte 2019) and the ICT company of the year 2021 (Tivi). Our close to 500 top software professionals work in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the United States and Estonia. We work with several leading car manufacturers and technology suppliers, such as BMW, Ford, CARIAD, and our customers also include industrial and telecom companies, such as Sandvik, Nokia, Valmet and Ponsse.

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