The ports of Rauma and Gävle are taking a digital leap: a new customized application implemented by Unikie saves time, money, fuel and nerves – and the environment thanks

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Digital Transformation
Smart Ports

The digital solution will be launched in the Port of Rauma today

Unikie has implemented a new application (Unikie Port Flow Optimization, POLO) between the ports of Rauma and Gävle to increase the efficiency of port operations. The application provides all parties with shared access to real-time data on material flows on land and at sea. This makes it easier for everyone working around the port, bringing efficiency and cost savings. With the new application, port operations are now taking a big digital leap, while the solution enables the optimization of port operations through real-time data sharing.

– The application provides a basis for cooperation between key players in the port. It provides real-time information to port call operators such as terminals, tugs, pilots, port authorities, mooring personnel, captains and even local shipbuilding companies. In this way, we can get rid of the waiting practice that still prevails in ports today, and we can move to just-in-time thinking, says Petri Kalske, product development director at Unikie.

– In addition, ports are able to get rid of many manual processes, such as telephone calls, which still serve as the main information channel. With the help of the information obtained from the application, the functions of the port area can be integrated in time when the ships arrive at the port, Kalske adds.

Streamlining port operations is also of great importance for the environment, as unnecessary fuel consumption can be minimized. At the same time, the risk of maritime accidents is significantly reduced when ships do not have to wait in narrow lanes.

The application has been in test use since May. 64 port operators have acted as testers and the feedback has been excellent. Today, the application will be officially launched at a festive event in the Port of Rauma.

The application has been implemented in an EU-funded Efficient Flow digitization project. The project has been led by the Swedish Maritime Administration and the partners have been the Port of Rauma, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences SAMK, VTS Finland and the Port of Gävle. Unikie has worked in the project as an application designer and technical implementer.

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