Unikie brings RCS business messaging support to Apple iPhone devices

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Voice and Messaging

Unikie Messaging becomes the first certified iOS RCS business messaging solution

Unikie launched its iOS business messaging solution. The Unikie iOS RCS business messaging client is the first and only GSMA accredited iOS RCS business messaging solution on the market. For telco carriers it provides an opportunity to reshape and revitalise their messaging services and play a central role in the future of messaging. With 363M current active users, 84 launched carrier networks and a forecasted $74B market by 2021 RCS is becoming a real cross-carrier messaging platform with the goal of replacing SMS and reducing churn from OTT messaging apps.

Backed by mobile carriers, Google and Samsung the RCS ecosystem is mostly Android driven. Unikie’s new solution for Apple iPhone devices changes this situation.

Esko Mertsalmi, CEO of Unikie: “Current RCS solutions are too emphasized on Android. We are pleased to announce our commercial RCS solution for iOS to support RCS becoming a truly cross-platform carrier messaging technology.

Unikie’s business messaging solution becomes the first GSMA accredited iOS solution

The GSMA Future Networks IOT team has awarded Full Accreditation status for Unikie’s RCS UP2.0 client for iOS. The accreditation was performed in two RCS networks (Interop Technologies and Mavenir RCS business messaging platforms) and testing scope included both UP 1.0 P2P messaging and UP2.0 A2P messaging test cases. GSMA Full Accreditation indicates that Unikie Messaging apps are compliant with the RCS Universal Profile 2.0 A2P module and thus interoperable with carrier RCS networks that support RCS business messaging.

Markus Jakobsson, head of Unikie’s Voice and Messaging products highlights the usefulness of certification of RCS solutions: “The GSMA accreditation process was a great help during interoperability testing to make sure our product is compliant with existing RCS networks and the UP2.0 A2P messaging specifications. This significantly reduces our time to market for new carrier deployments”

Unikie’s solution enables RCS business messaging in any iOS app

RCS Business messaging allows carriers can enhance their messaging services with new capabilities and generate revenue from new business paradigms such as AI and chatbots. Carriers can add RCS business messaging support for iOS on iPhone 5 and newer devices by using Unikie’s commercial iOS application or by using Unikie’s RCS SDK for iPhone to integrate RCS business messaging features into existing iOS apps.

For more information, see Unikie Voice and Messaging solutions and contact us at app.sales@unikie.com for receiving a fully featured evaluation client.


Published 3rd, February 2020

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