Unikie develops in-car Android infotainment with HaleyTek

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HaleyTek, a joint venture between Volvo Cars and ecarx, has chosen Unikie as its partner to develop software for Android-based infotainment systems for current and future Volvo and Polestar car models. HaleyTek’s intention is to make the software available also for other brands, mainly within the Geely Auto Group.

The demand for infotainment systems in cars has developed strongly during recent years. Automotive manufacturers are increasingly developing vehicles with in-car infotainment systems that provide both entertainment and information for an enhanced driving experience. Android Automotive is an operating system that can be used to create infotainment systems that provide a digital experience and integrate downloadable applications into car functions. Software for in-car infotainment systems is no longer always the car manufacturer’s own but can be tailored to the needs of each brand leading to high scalability opportunities. Unikie has a comprehensive experience in the Android Automotive operating system with top-tier expertise and with its two units in Finland and Poland specialized in system development.

Unikie has had an existing strong partnership with HaleyTek’s parent company Volvo, and when the opportunity to work with infotainment systems came the team at Unikie was very excited to join the project.

“We are very pleased to be able to work with HaleyTek and support them on their journey to become pioneers in creating Android-powered in-car infotainment systems. There is an increasing demand for infotainment systems as car buyers want more pleasure from their driving experience with the ability to seamlessly fuse information and entertainment”, says Vesa Kiviranta, Chief Business Officer of Automotive Solutions at Unikie.

Unikie supports Haleytek with Apple wireless CarPlay implementation. This means that iPhone users will be able to wirelessly connect their phone to an Apple CarPlay app which is running on the car’s Android Automotive operating system. Creating wireless connectivity between two different ecosystems is a challenging task, of which Unikie has a lot of previous experience.

“We are glad to partner with Unikie and at the same time get their best experts to work with us on the infotainment system – especially wireless Apple CarPlay development”, says Morgan Vos, Chief Technology Officer at HaleyTek.

The development work happens in Unikie’s Android development unit in Kuopio, Finland. HaleyTek is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The distance is not a challenge since Unikie has a long history of remote co-operation models.

“We like working with Unikie. The setup for infotainment development in Kuopio is also enabling physical remote testing of new features, which brings our people and Unikie teams closer together”, Morgan continues.


Additional information:

Vesa Kiviranta, Chief Business Officer, Automotive Solutions, Unikie
vesa.kiviranta@unikie.com, +35845 872 3421


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