Unikie develops Voice application with telco-grade security

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OTT VoIP solutions and carrier VoLTE/VoWiFi solutions are normally two different worlds when it comes to agility and security. Unikie has taken the best of both worlds and created a carrier-grade VoLTE/VoWiFi solution that integrates with the native dialers, is fast to deploy and has a massive handset reach for 3G sunsetting, fixed mobility and Voice over Data use cases.

Unikie Voice is an IMS compatible softphone solution that meets the security requirements of GSMA specifications IR.92 and IR.51. It is capable of IMS-AKA authentication using SIM card credentials and can establish an IPSec connection to IMS via ePDG servers for secure connectivity via any public IP network, including public Wi-Fi.

While the security features of the application enable a plug n’ play deployment to carrier IMS based VoLTE and VoWiFi infrastructures, the solution’s app-based characteristics enable the agility of an OTT service, such as application store distribution, fast updates and network agnostic access. This enables fast rollout of app solutions for aiding 3G sunsetting and enables deploying customized handset SW solutions driving carrier differentiation in the market.

Unikie has actively cooperated with IMS vendors to integrate the Unikie softphone solution with the IMS vendor products, including integration with vendor specific support for Apple and Google Push Notification support, a feature that is crucial for reliable and fast call and message delivery to smartphones as well as enabling packaging of the app and the IMS elements for an end-to-end solution for carriers.

The app integrates with the Android OEM dialer so that calls are made and received with the native UI but the signaling, audio and security is handled by the app seamlessly in the background. For some business cases where there is a need for a separate dialer with call logs and settings, the app provides that too.

The app solution is designed to work with all Android handsets that support carrier privileged SIM data access for apps, native dialer and SMS integration. Unikie supports the solution on Android 6.0 and above devices, giving an Android handset reach of roughly 95% of the current device base in almost any market globally.

Oh, and Unikie has an iOS app solution too!


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Markus Jakobsson
Chief Business Officer, Secure Communications

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