CES 2023 – Unikie expands its IoT solutions with low-energy Bluetooth technology

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Unikie is showcasing a new form of high technology for enabling smart spaces during CES 2023. Every year, millions in value are lost in business environments, retail outlets and warehouses. In addition, sales and retail data is reliant on sales, inventory and manual reporting, making it a hindsight view on business. Unikie is solving this issue and enabling real time awareness by introducing a technology that uses low-energy Bluetooth. It is a new way to create an environment where Bluetooth tags and connectivity bring intelligence to spaces, such as retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing floors.

Connecting digital and physical worlds with Bluetooth tags

Last year, Unikie launched a smart space solution, where larger areas can be tracked with machine vision and lidars connected to an intelligent localization engine, creating a non-tag based real time understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and what will happen. To broaden and enhance the possibilities of smart spaces, Unikie now enables new insight with its low-energy Bluetooth technology for businesses in need of real time data on the movement and location of their goods. In practice this means that a physical Bluetooth tag is placed on the object, such as a product in a store. After the tag is in its place, it sends a signal to a locator device which sends the information to Unikie’s Positioning Engine.

The Unikie Positioning Engine processes the data received from one or several locator devices and can display the relevant information in the tracking interface for the end-user. This can be further interconnected to an ERP or other data management systems to create real time visibility to business. The collected location data, movement of products or other goods, and additional data can be used for AI-generated business insight such as the most interesting or used sales items, availability, best sales item locations, and other insight that has not been available until now.

Why low-energy Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth technology comes with multiple benefits. For example, unlike QR codes or RFID tags, Bluetooth tags don’t need to be actively scanned to be read. The continuous reading of Bluetooth signals allows a real time awareness of the items, such as their movement and location, while other technologies usually just give a snapshot of the present. In addition, Bluetooth is often a standard feature in different devices and access points enabling the use of existing infrastructure. Benefits of low-energy Bluetooth include:

  • Tracking the movements of goods in real time and identifying the most popular products
  • Real time prevention of theft, misconduct and loss of goods
  • Finding goods and assets in no time with the best accuracy in the market – Unikie Positioning Engine can locate products with 1.5ft (X,Y,Z) accuracy
  • Keeping up-to-date inventory of the goods on display and in inventory
  • Enabling small tag size to track also small items e.g., eyewear
  • Easy to install and calibrate in different environments
  • Low-energy technology with reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a communication range with extensive battery life


Unikie team is available during and after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on 5 January 2023.

For more information in the United States:
Esa Karjalainen, esa.karjalainen@unikie.com
Petri Talala, petri.talala@unikie.com
Jussi Mäntynen, jussi.mantynen@unikie.com

For more information in Europe:
Mika Kurkipää, mika.kurkipaa@unikie.com
Sampsa Eronen, sampsa.eronen@unikie.com

For general information on Unikie Technology:
Jari Lindholm, VP of Marketing and Communications, jari.lindholm@unikie.com

Unikie in brief

Unikie is a pioneering engineering company focused on enabling smart spaces. We bring intelligence and continuous situational awareness to machines, vehicles and infrastructure to create safer and more productive environments for people and business. Our technology and services meet at the heart of three global macro trends – IoE, 5G and AI. We offer the best software, data, security and quality engineering services and technology.

Our clients are companies and organizations that want to leverage new technology to improve their business and operations. Enabled by the technology we create, and the competence we offer, our clients become digital leaders in their own industries.


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