Unikie to introduce its automated parking solution developed in collaboration with leading car manufacturers at IAA Mobility 2021

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Press Release June 24, 2021

The Finnish software technology company Unikie will introduce its automated parking solution at one of the most important events of the automotive world, IAA Mobility 2021, which will take place in Munich in September.

Unikie’s technology solution has been developed as part the Automated Parking joint venture between leading car manufacturers and technology developers, coordinated by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDA. In addition to Unikie, car manufacturers BMW, Ford, Jaguar-Land Rover and Mercedes Benz, technology developer and infrastructure supplier CARIAD, automotive industry software developers BOSCH Mobility Solutions, Continental and Kopernikus Autonomous Driving Solutions and automotive supplier Valeo participated in developing automated parking.

Specifically developed to meet needs of the automotive industry, the smart automated parking solution utilizes data and machine learning to park the vehicle completely independently without any assistance from the driver. The system consists of a smart infrastructure created for the parking garage by Unikie, where sensors and cloud computing enable communication between the car and its surroundings.

The system works together with the technology and interfaces leading car manufacturers have developed for their vehicles. Thanks to the infrastructure’s sensors all the solution needs from a vehicle are features like parking assist and emergence brake assist. Besides the automotive industry the solution has a wide range of application possibilities, such as parking garages, mines and harbors. In other words, any industrial environment where tight, efficient parking is a necessity.

”Our collaboration with the world’s largest car manufacturers and leading technology developers speaks volumes about our position as pioneers of autonomous mobility. The smart infrastructure for parking garages is just one sample of our expertise. A closed area is equipped with sensors to achieve the necessary steering accuracy, data traffic is secured and latency eliminated. The data gathered by sensors together with machine learning make real-time decision-making possible,” Unikie CEO Seppo Kuula explains.

“The level of maturity of the technology and standardization is so advanced that Automated Valet Parking can take over a reliable, automated drive-up and parking service. Self-parking could soon be a thing of the past in many places”, explains VDA Managing Director Joachim Damasky.


More information:

Seppo Kuula, CEO, Unikie, seppo.kuula @ unikie.com

Photo: IAA Mobility


Unikie is a Finnish software technology company that develops technologies for protected real-time processes. Our services concentrate on the crossroads of three global macrotrends – IoE, 5G, and AI, where our technology solutions enable a constant awareness of surroundings, as well as decision-making and control based on it. Our clients include pioneers of real-time data utilization in the automotive industry as well as other industries and telecommunication companies worldwide.

Founded in 2015, Unikie is one of Finland’s fastest growing technology companies. In 2020 our sales were 33 million euros. Our goal for the near future is to keep up our rapid international growth, because the demand for our AI, deep technology and security solutions is increasing rapidly everywhere. At the end of 2020 we received growth capital from Capman Growth and Tesi. We employ nearly 400 software developers in Sweden, Germany, Poland and the United States. Our clients include Sandvik, Nokia, Valmet and Ponsse.



IAA Mobility

IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) is one the largest and most significant international mobility and automobile exhibitions. Held every other year in Frankfurt since 1991, the exhibition will take place at a new venue for the first time. Taking place in Munich on September 7 to 12, 2021, the renewed IAA Munich Mobility Show 2021 focuses on mobility as a whole through exciting innovations and technologies. IAA is organized by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDA.





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